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Color and Clarity Based Tips for Buying Diamonds

There are four major factors that determine the quality of diamonds. These are known as 4Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Out of those, people sometimes confuse color and clarity. Many shop without the right knowledge, and end up committing blunders. Therefore, it is essential to have a fair idea about such factors. […]

The Engagement Ring Traditions throughout the World

The idea of exchanging engagement rings originated from Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed circle to be a symbol of perpetuity. So during the old times, couples in Egypt used to exchange rings made from entwined reeds. Moreover, they used to wear this ring in the fourth finger of the left hand, as they believed it […]

Unique Diamond Ring Settings for your Expensive Engagement Rings

The availability of a wider range of settings and styles may probably confuse you while choosing your engagement rings, especially if you are an amateur. In order to help you out with this, below are two unique diamond ring settings other than the standard prong and bezel settings. Tension Setting This is the perfect option […]

Ten Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

One of the exciting things that can happen in a woman’s life is to get a diamond, whether one set in an engagement ring or any other jewelry setting. Of course, engagement is among life’s most anticipated events, so people prepare for it in advance. This preparation often includes shopping for likely expensive engagement rings […]

How Much you Can Justifiably Spend on a Ring

Ask most people, and they would tell you the rule 2-month’s-salary rule for buying an engagement ring. Many even go as far as three, saying that amount of expense is a must if you want to get the kind of ring your beloved deserves. However, this is often a waste on many levels, especially if […]