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A Brief Guide On Emerald Engagement Rings

More and more people are now considering colored gemstone engagement rings over diamond engagement rings because of their vibrant colors and affordability. Even people who can afford diamond rings are opting for gemstone engagement rings because of their unique flair and appearance. One of the popular colored gemstones used in engagement rings is emerald and […]

Professional Methods Of Testing Diamonds

Diamonds look almost the same as other gemstones, such as moissanite to name one. Many vendors take advantage of the resemblance in the appearance of diamonds and those other gems. Therefore, you may not know what you are buying. While price is an indicator of quality, lab grown diamonds come at a fraction of the […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Ring

Most people think that their headaches are over once they find the perfect engagement ring for their partner. But only a few of them know that picking a beautiful wedding ring is also a difficult job. If you have shopped for an engagement ring, you might know how much preparation is needed to select perfect […]

What Makes a Two Tone Gold Diamond Ring More Sparkly

In a two tone diamond ring style, two precious metals with distinct color tones are blended together to form an amazing engagement ring design. They can be a combination of white and yellow gold, or even yellow gold and platinum. This camouflages the metal claws of the setting, thus preventing yellow gold ring band from […]