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Though the engagement rings are expensive, they are meaningful investments. The engagement ring, in the western culture, says that the person wearing the ring is engaged to a person and they will be married soon. The engagement ring may have a diamond or any other gemstone or even valuable metals like gold and silver. 

It is said that the origin of the engagement ring system is among the Egyptians and that it was later followed by the Greeks. But the first proven use of the engagement ring was in Rome. Later on this became the custom among the high class people in the society and it is continued even now.

Here is the list of the five most expensive engagement rings in the world.

Elizabeth Taylor

It was Elizabeth Taylor, the British-American actress who owned the most expensive engagement ring in the world. Its value is estimated as $8.8 million. The ring features an Asscher cut Krupp diamond. The diamond is special in that as it had a large culet facet. It weighed about 33.19 carats. It was actor Richard Burton who gifted this engagement ring to Elizabeth. He married her twice in 1964 and in 1975. It is considered as a pure diamond with unique optical transparency.


It was rapper Jay-Z who gifted her, the flawless 18 carat weighing octagon-cut diamond engagement ring. It is set in platinum and is valued as $5 million worth. It is a flawless diamond regarding its quality and is certified as a clear premium stone. The ring was designed by a jeweler named Lorraine Schwartz.

Paris Hilton

The massive ring was gifted to Paris Hilton by her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis. The ring is made of gold and has a center diamond stone which is rectangular along with two triangle shaped baguette diamonds. After their breakup, Hilton auctioned the ring to help the victims of the hurricane Katrina.

Grace Kelly

She was an American actress who married Prince Rainier III. She was known as the Princess of Monaco. The Cartier engagement ring she got is very costly and famous. The ring featured an emerald cut diamond as the center stone with two diamond baguettes around it. The stone weighed 10.47 carats.

Jennifer Lopez

Her ex-husband Marc Anthony gifted her blue diamond engagement ring, which is worth $4 million. The ring has a magnificent 8.5 carat diamond stone as its centerpiece. Though the couple divorced after 10 years of marriage, the ring still remains in the collection of Jennifer Lopez.