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Pros And Cons Of Different Ring Settings

Engagement Ring Styles
Engagement Ring Styles

When shopping for engagement rings, you can get overwhelmed by the large number of options available for you. You can get numerous choices when it comes to the shape of diamonds, ring settings, the color of the metal and engagement ring styles. Therefore, you have to find a ring which suits you the best.

When choosing an engagement ring, you have to give importance to the ring settings, as it is responsible for deciding the appeal of your ring and ensuring the safety of your stones. There are a large number of rings settings available for you to choose from. However, every setting may not be suitable for you. Hence, we are listing the important pros and cons associated with different ring settings for helping you to find the right choice for you. You can choose a setting that matches your lifestyle and character from these choices.

The Halo Setting

The halo setting is one of the best choices for people who want big engagement rings. Here, your center diamond will be surrounded by rows of small accent stones. Hence, it can add a bigger illusion for your stone.


  • This is one of the best engagement ring styles that can accentuate your center stone.
  • It can add more sparkle and shine to your ring.
  • It can provide a bigger appearance and more brilliance to your center stone.
  • It is a great option for making your center stone look bigger in the most affordable way.
  • You can choose a brilliant contrast by choosing different colors for your center stone and accent stones.


  • As there are a large number of stones involved, it might be difficult for you to maintain and clean the ring.
  • The prongs holding the small stones can get loose over time, and there is a great possibility for you to lose your stones.

Cluster Setting

In this setting, you can see a cluster of small stones instead of a big center stone. This is a great option for people who are looking for affordable rings, as the cluster of small stones will be less expensive than a big center stone.


  • The cluster of small stones can create the illusion of a bigger stone.
  • It is more affordable than buying a big center stone.
  • It will add more dimension and sparkle to your ring.


  • Can be difficult to maintain and clean.
  • Small stones might get loose and fall out over time.

The Flush Setting

Here, the stones are arranged in a manner that they are flushed into the band of the ring. It offers maximum security for your stones, as they are not protruding from the ring.


  • Provides great security for the stones.
  • Suitable for people with an active lifestyle.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.


  • Less visibility for the stones
  • Reduce the brilliance of the stones
  • Provide more emphasis for the band rather than the stones

When shopping for an engagement ring, you will get an enormous number of options. But when choosing a design from the large number of engagement ring styles, you have to consider different factors including your personality, lifestyle, etc. This will help you to choose a ring that suits you well.