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In case you have been shopping for diamond alternatives of a wedding ring or an engagement ring, you would definitely wonder why they are not as cheap as their stimulants. Man-made diamonds are highly expensive because they are real diamonds and not stimulants. They may be visually identical but are highly durable. Several factors make artificial diamonds very expansive diamonds. Below is a discussion on the factors that make the man-made engagement rings for women so costly.

Mined diamonds take millions of years to form completely. On the other hand, Lab-grown diamonds take just 6 to 10 weeks. The whole set of materials, machinery, and the staff needed for their manufacture is very expensive. There are more reasons for their high cost.

Being Expensive is Relative

Being called expensive is all about the relative costs. There should be something to compare the costs. It should either be the money at your disposal for spending or it should be in comparison to other products.

The man-made diamonds show great variation in their prices concerning their gem quality, color, and other vita characteristics. For instance, a 1-carat loose diamond may cost you about $2,800.

If you buy a similar diamond that is earth-grown, it would take you $5000. You can understand that the lab diamond arrives at a surprising 44% discount. You need to remember that this offer of a 44% lower rate is for a diamond that is almost identical in feel, appearance, and durability.

Even a jeweler examining the man-made diamond using magnification lens could not differentiate it from the natural diamond. This means that your family, friends, or coworkers would not identify it either. You would have gained a dream offer, yet it is impossible to find its true nature.

On the expensive side, there are several diamond simulants you can browse that are more affordable than the above-mentioned cases. Among these are White Sapphire and Moissanite. These are highly scratch resistant.

Man-made diamonds are very similar to natural diamonds, yet much cheaper. Hence, they are comparatively inexpensive. They may cost higher than the stimulants, but are very different due to 2 reasons:

  • They are stones nevertheless
  • They look different and identifiable compared to an earth-mined diamond

Moissanite is a stimulant that has very hard qualities. It has a similar appearance to diamonds, but can be differentiated from diamonds if the observer is familiar with them.

Note the above facts about the diamonds regarding their expensive nature.