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Things to Take in Regard While Purchasing Oval Engagement Rings

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Picking a matching ring for your lovely bride can be a difficult thing to do. There are a large number of styles and options today, which make everyone get confused with the choices. Identical to any other industry that is meant for women, the engagement rings industry also changes with the changes in current trends and fashion. Some of the engagement ring trends are even seasonal.

One of the latest trends that is all the rage nowadays is the oval engagement ring style. The unique cut and the distinguishable shape of the center stone here is really suitable for all stylish women. This could actually bring forth a royal element on their finger.

Why Choose an Oval Ring

An oval engagement ring can give a feeling of more carat weight, which is one reason to purchase such diamond rings. This is because oval cut diamonds typically comes with a greater surface area than a traditional round brilliant cut ring. Along with the increase in the surface area of the ring, the total sparkle of the ring too increases to a great extent.

Moreover, wearing an oval ring actually makes your fingers appear delicate and thinner when compared to putting on a square or round cut diamond ring. If you still are not impressed with the style of oval engagement rings, just think about Kate Middleton; the famous oval engagement ring which she wears is truly phenomenal that it could be seen all over the internet. From this, you could see that this ring is something that suits princesses.

Tips for Shopping Oval Rings

One of the most important things to consider while purchasing an oval diamond ring is its length-to-width ratio. You would be able to find oval cut diamond rings in a wide range of LTW ratios, which means that overlooking the total proportion of the ring can be a significant mistake. You can put oval diamonds of various ratios side by side to pick the one that works best for your engagement ring. There is only one rule of thumb to remember while choosing, and that is, pick wisely.

Another thing to take into regard while planning to buy an oval diamond ring is to check for the bow tie effect in the diamond. The elongated shape of the oval diamond gives a bow tie effect to the stone most times. This effect brings forth an evident shaded area almost towards the middle portion of the stone, which could diminish the appearance of the stone.