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The classic and elegant engagement rings from Hollywood really had a great charm. These beautiful engagement rings were absolutely magical and had a strong connection to romance in the industry that ranged from the romance between co-stars to the splendor of onscreen chemistry. These all are most likely to take you along the flow of that classic romantic era. Below are some rings, picked straight from the golden age of Hollywood.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly had an awe-inspiring grace and style that she was one among the top figures of the old Hollywood days. Her off-screen romance with Prince Rainier of Monaco made her a place in the Royal family. Prince Rainier proposed her with a magnificent emerald cut diamond engagement ring, which you could to see in her wearing in her last film, “High Society”. The main attractive feature of this beautiful ring is its emerald cut center stone. The dazzling ring has a large emerald cut diamond that is accompanied by two baguette stones. You would be able to easily mirror this look for your ring by customizing and building a ring of your own.

Lauren Bacall

The relationship between Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart was one of the most rumored relationships of Hollywood. Their marriage was also famous; in 1945, the couple got married in a farm located in Ohio. They popularized the wonderful double ring idea, where the male partner too wore a ring. The ring that was presented to Lauren by Humphrey Bogart was really a mysterious ring; the ring was made up of a thick band and had a colored gemstone as its centerpiece. The ring was a bit extraordinary, as its gemstone looked wider than the band. Their lovely romantic relationship lasted until Bogart passed away in 1957.

Elizabeth Taylor

The most famous of all Hollywood romances was between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The gossips regarding their relationship lasted as long as a decade, which included their two marriages. Taylor was in love with diamonds and this is clearly evident from her diamond jewelry collection. However, the one that was much talked about was the Asscher cut diamond ring that was presented to her by Richard Burton.

If you would like to replicate the style of this ring, choose an Asscher cut diamond centerpiece that is accompanied by two trillion cut diamond side stones for your ring. Nevertheless, the thing that makes her ring alluring is its ostentatious display. The center diamond that was used for this ring was a 33.19 carat Krupp diamond. Even if you could not afford a stone of this size, you would be able to maximize the brilliance of your stone by setting it in a sparkly setting like the halo setting.

Norma Shearer

She was really a well-known actress who had an impressive career. In 1927, she married Irving Thalberg, who was an MGM executive. After their long period of relationship, Thalberg took the move to ask for her hand in a stylish Hollywood way. It is said that he asked his beloved to meet him at his MGM office, and when she reached there, he proposed her with a box full of glorious diamond rings and asked her to choose the ring she liked the most. The ring that Shearer chose was a huge marquise cut diamond ring.

Audrey Hepburn

The charming beauty of classic Hollywood golden age, Audrey Hepburn, was actually married twice. The wedding ring presented to her by her first husband, Mel Ferrer, had great splendor and was admired by everyone. Ferrer who was a fashion enthusiast actually gave her a pair of two rings when they got married in 1954.

The ring set he presented her was a stackable wedding ring set. One of the rings was made of rose gold, while the other one was made of white gold. He gave her two rings so that she could wear the ring based on her mood and outfit. By wearing the stackable wedding ring set Hepburn proved herself to be a way ahead of her time.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was rumored for a series of relationships; nevertheless, the most famous among them was undoubtedly her marriage to Joe DiMaggio who was a legendary baseball player. The couple got married at San Francisco’s City Hall in 1954. DiMaggio presented Monroe a platinum eternity wedding band, which was surrounded by about thirty-six baguette diamonds. Their married relationship, however, lasted only for a couple of nine months. By 1999, the band was sold at an auction for $772,500.

This wedding ring again became a matter of discussion in 2011 when it surfaced in an auction. However, the ring lost one of its diamonds in twelve years, and this reduced the value of the ring. It did not appear in a new auction after that.