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Common Misconceptions Regarding Diamonds

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Diamonds are among the most precious substances in existence. They are commonly used as a symbol of the relationship between partners. Hence they have very high importance in society. As a result, it is common that there are several wrong beliefs common among people. These stories travel quickly and some have been accepted as facts, although they are not true. You need to understand these myths before you head out to purchase engagement rings for women. Below is a discussion on some of the most common misconceptions regarding diamonds.

Diamonds Are very Rare

Diamonds are considered precious. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are rare. The truth is, among gemstones, diamonds are one of the most common gemstones found inside the earth. This does not reduce their value. Simply consider the sheer number of people that own at least a diamond and you will understand that they are not rare.

Diamonds Are Unbreakable

Diamonds are hard substances. Besides, they are among the hardest naturally occurring substances. However, diamonds are susceptible to chipping and breaking if handled without care. The belief that diamonds are indestructible is not true.

Diamonds have Greater Fire Than Other Gemstones

Fire is a parameter used to define the ability of a gemstone to split light into its components in the spectrum. Diamonds possess a high value of fire indeed. In fact, it is one of their specialties. However, they are not stones with the highest fire. While their average dispersion is rated at 0.44, a gemstone called rutile has a value of 0.330 which is much higher than the former value.

The Larger The Diamond The Better

Diamond size is given huge importance in popular cultures. However, what most people fail to understand is that diamonds are valued based on several other factors like clarity, cut, and color. Sometimes, big diamonds may be low in these qualities and be rated at a low range due to this.

Several beliefs about diamonds still prevail among society. Make sure you have adequate knowledge before you set out to purchase the best engagement rings.