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Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

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Engagement Ring Trends

With different styles of engagement rings storming the market, certain particular styles become popular for a particular period. In the same manner, there are certain engagement ring styles, which are trending in 2019. Herein are listed some of the top trending engagement ring styles of this year which can be helpful to you in your search for the best engagement rings.

Solitaire Setting

This is a style, which is not new in the industry. This style has been here for many years and continues to be loved by women around the globe. The setting, as the name suggests has only one center stone. They have a timeless appeal and are chosen by most of the brides who want to look classical. There are options for you to turn a classic solitary set ring into a modern solitary set engagement ring.

Stack Setting

There is the stacking of engagement ring and wedding ring and it is done by many brides for a unique appeal in their jewelry. However, other stacking options are trending now. There are those engagement rings, which have different shaped stones, which are specially designed to be paired with the wedding band. They along with the arched bands will give you a glorious look on your wedding day. Rings with interlocking designs are also available now.

Colored Stones

They became popular after Princess Diana appeared with a blue sapphire ring. Kate Middleton also, on the occasion of her marriage to Prince William wore the same ring and from then on many have followed it. Peach and red shaded sapphires, green-shaded emeralds and black diamonds have all become popular among women of the present time.

Clustered Settings

This kind of setting for engagement rings have become trending in the year 2018 and it continues in 2019. There are different types of arrangements available in this type of setting. In some rings, there are two stones adding meaning to the central stone. In some other, some baguette diamonds will encircle the center stone.

Vintage Inspired

There is always a love for the vintage jewelry, at least in some of the hearts. This is because the vintage pieces were timeless and of great perfection. In recent years, there have been attempts by the jewelers to bring back the glory of the vintage pieces in modern forms. This has become widely accepted and the modernizing of the old masterpieces is trending even now.

Check out these trending styles in your pursuit of choosing the ideal engagement ring.