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Everything You Need To Know About Moissanite Diamond Engagement Rings

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It is said that diamonds are girls’ best friend. However, it is not the same for everyone since some brides tend to steer away from the clichéd concept of diamond engagement rings these days. This can be because of the lack of uniqueness, the extremely high expense associated with diamond rings, ethical reasons, etc. So, if your significant other is not a bigger fan of diamonds but prefer a striking centerpiece for the ring, you may consider moissanite proposal rings. This is a captivating yet affordable alternative for diamonds.

Moissanite stones tend to mimic the color and clarity of real diamonds. Additionally, its brilliance can outshine diamonds. In fact, it will be challenging for an untrained eye to spot the difference between diamond proposal rings and their moissanite counterparts. Of course, since moissanite engagement rings are not so popular, you are likely to get skeptic when it comes to choosing one. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the important points about moissanite engagement rings.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite stones are made using a natural mineral called silicon carbide. This resplendent stone was discovered in the 1890s when some scientists were evaluating a meteor crater in the United States. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for a meteor to bang into the earth to get moissanite stones now since it can be easily manufactured in laboratories. In fact, moissanite stones are mass produced in labs so that they can be sold to the jewelry stores worldwide. Hence, these stones are highly affordable.

The difference between diamonds and moissanite

Even though moissanite tends to exhibit some similar characteristics as that of diamonds, they show some dissimilarity as well. There are mainly two differences between moissanite stones and diamonds. The most prominent difference is that the former is created in lab whereas, the latter is mined naturally. Secondly, they rank differently on the Mohs’ Scale of Hardness. While diamonds rank 10 in the hardness scale, moissanite holds the rank of 9.25.

Are moissanite way cheaper than diamonds?

Surprisingly, moissanite stones are way cheaper than their diamond counterparts. While you will have to shell out around $5000 to purchase appealing diamond engagement rings, you can purchase their stunning moissanite counterparts at approximately $600. Plus, since moissanite is created in a lab, it will be flawless and colorless. So, what will be better than purchasing a perfect stone that looks exactly like a diamond at a cheap rate? Besides, moissanite rings will be an ideal option for people who prefer ethical engagement rings.