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How to Select the Right Wedding Band that Matches Your Engagement Ring?

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Many people prefer to wear their engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger. Hence, it is important that your engagement rings match your wedding ring designs. However, selecting a wedding band that matches your engagement ring is not an easy task. You will have to go through a lot of designs to find the perfect one. But to make your search easy, we provide some tips that might come handy to you while going shopping for engagement rings and weddings bands.

There are certain factors to look for in a wedding band for it to match your engagement ring. Some of them are listed below:


When choosing the metal for your wedding band, it is better to select the engagement ring’s same material or a material that complements the first. For example, if your ring is made of yellow gold, a band of the same material will look beautiful when they are worn together. You can also find rings that incorporates a combination of both yellow and white gold. This is also a great choice as it will give you a unique look because of the contrast between these two colours.

Stone shapes

The rings will look stunning together if they exhibit good uniformity. If your engagement ring has stones, then pair it with a band that has stones with the same cut. For example, if your ring is round solitaire, then an eternity band surrounded by round diamonds would look great when they are matched together.

Stone colors

If your engagement rings contain colored gemstones, then try to find a band that features the same colored stones. This will provide a perfect match between the two rings. Another wonderful option is to alternate white diamonds with colored stones. This will make the rings even more beautiful with the contrast between both colors. But make sure that the colors of the stones are same for both rings.

Perfect match

Today, many jewellers provide engagement rings and wedding bands as a pair. Therefore, you won’t have to see a gazillion designs to select the right band that matches your ring. These pair will be made in a way to complement each other, so that the design of one will perfectly go with the other. It will save you from the hassle of wasting your time for finding perfect wedding ring designs to match your engagement ring.

You can also create customized designs for your rings that will look perfect together. You can create the designs by yourself or ask the help of an expert to create it for you. This will give you an engagement ring and wedding band that perfectly match with each other.