Most Attractive Twisted Engagement Rings

Twisted Engagement Ring
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Addition of a twist with a sweeping effect to the simple solitaire rings enhances the look along with an immediate makeover without overcomplicating its design. The lower sitting rings are often adorned as everyday wear. Below broached are some of the most attractive twisted engagement ring patterns.

Twisted Ring with Pear Shaped Center Stone

These majestic rings are focused towards the defined rather than the rounded edges. The ring is three clawed which aesthetically positions the central pear cut diamond. A perfectly fitted ring like this makes the perfect sense even as a wedding ring when compared with the standard band.

Tension Set Twisted Engagement Rings

Here in its sweeping, light literally torrent through the central diamond. The minimally set ring never stops the diamond to shine in its fullest brilliance. The ring is exceptional with its beautiful setting that provides a dramatic effect. Precision fit is molded carefully around the diamond at the center.

Three Stoned Twisted Ring

Interwoven twist settings around the diamonds flowing from one shoulder to another create a rather new and unique shape. Each of the three diamonds rests alongside an inimitable style. However, the styling of further patterns is limited only by diverse imagination as a result of innovative CAD design.

Twisted Compass Set Engagement Rings

All the four cardinal points are positioned with protective claws that secure the diamond in its beautiful compass setting. Rings with traditional squared prongs setting are in stark contrast to this elegant ring. Pirouette ring design like this is flogging a compass arrangement very gracefully. Each of the four claws of the ring is in an under-bezel pattern resembling a ‘pirouette’.

Six-Clawed Twisted Rings

The wearer of this six-clawed twisted charming ring is providing security for better peace of mind. The large diamonds are already secured with its four prongs and so are extremely popular. The outer edge of the diamond is secured to a greater extent.

Twisted Ring with Princess Cut Center Stone

The next popular diamond shape after the round brilliant cut is the princess cut diamond. When these popular diamonds are set in the center, the ring follows the compass styled arrangement with its four prominent prongs. Here the nearly perfect square shaped diamond is surrounded by an effective twist design.

Diamond Shouldered Twist Ring Style

The diamonds on the shoulder enhances the overall sparkle of the twisted ring. A unique look is contoured along with the grain set of petite diamonds on the shoulders.