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Selecting a perfect setting for your engagement ring is very important as it is something important that enhances the look of your ring. There are many setting options available for you and so, it might be a little confusing to select a design which suits you. Selection of engagement rings will mostly depend on a person’s personality and lifestyle. So it is better to know which setting will suit your style. We have listed some settings in this article to help you out.

Channel Setting

This is a wonderful setting for an engagement ring which has a set of smaller diamonds. This design helps to hold small diamonds securely in a row into the band of the ring. It will create a channel of vibrant stones which are flush with the shank.

In this design the diamonds are closely held together and can be used to decorate the sides of the band. The diamonds are kept in grooves through the entire channel. The design will best suit engagement rings if they are featured only by smaller stones without a center stone.

The main advantage of this setting is that it is snag-free. The diamonds will be securely held together in this design without the help of a prong and protects them from outside forces. As there will be a large number of small stones, the ring will have a fantastic sparkle formed together by all the small diamonds. There is also a disadvantage to this design, as it is difficult to clean the ring because dirt will easily get trapped between the small diamonds.

Tension Setting

This is a special setting which got its name for the tension of the metal band that holds the stone. In this setting the center stone looks like it is suspended between the two sides of the shank. This design gives a unique appearance for your ring. More light will reach the diamond as the metal surrounding the diamond is minimal which results in high sparkle.

The main problem with this design is that it might be expensive and difficult to resize. There is possibility for the stone to fall when struck by an impressive outside force.

Tension Style Setting

This is a variant of the Tension setting where the diamond is actually set in the band like a bezel setting. It holds the stone more securely than a Tension setting. But it is also difficult and costly to resize.

These are some popular settings for engagement rings. Understand the pros and cons of each design and choose the design which suits your style and personality. It is important to consider whether the ring suits your lifestyle. For example, a ring with a channel setting is difficult to clean if dirt gets trapped inside it, so if you work or live in place where there is a high chance for the dirt to get trapped inside the ring, this setting is not for you. If a particular setting does not match your lifestyle, then avoid it and go for something better.