Engagement Ring Styles

Reusing Old Gold to Make Beautiful Wedding Rings

Beautiful Wedding Rings

Most jewelry holds strong symbolism and talismanic meaning, and pieces of jewelry like rings, bracelets, and necklaces carry a spiritual sparkle and ancestral energy to the new generation. Using inherited diamonds on new rings or redesigning old wedding rings into new pieces of custom jewelry makes perfect sense and help you to save money.

Here are some of the options and thorough explanations that can help you in transforming your old jewelry into new ones.

What to Do With Old Wedding Jewelry?

Repurposing old wedding rings and diamond jewelry helps you to transform numerous pieces irrespective of whether it is going to be used on a new ring, whether it is about converting a ring into a necklace, whether it is transforming old golden ornaments into rings, earrings or bracelets. There are jewelry makers and artisans having numerous special skills developed over around 80 years to do this. Most of them work with a huge variety of specialty maker tools like hand forget anvils, domed steel, etc. which offers a rare set of skills.

How much does it Cost to Repurpose Rings from Old Jewelry?

The steps and processes of repurposing wedding and engagement rings are often a complex job that has got many phases. It can take over five to six hours, and there are chances to encounter several issues based on the alloy on the gold.

For example, in case if you want a simple and comfortably fitting wedding ring similar to your parents’ or grandparents’, meaning the edges of the rings can be narrower than the middle portion of the ring, the edges can either be flat-topped or domed on the top. The cost to repurpose these styles of rings from old pieces of jewelry is $450 per ring. A vast set of design elements can be incorporated on bands while opting custom designing. This allows you to work with engagement rings having two tones or wedding rings, especially by using colored metals on the center and the border of the ring.

Is Recycling an Eco-friendly Process?

Mining will be continued regardless of how much jewelry is repurposed, and this is mostly in the case of small-scale miners who live in exploited environments. Fairtrade Gold gives these miners a good chance to live their lives with dignity while it also reduces contamination of global mercury. The real value of recycling your jewelry is that the gold has talismanic importance, and it can help you save money greatly.