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One of the exciting things that can happen in a woman’s life is to get a diamond, whether one set in an engagement ring or any other jewelry setting. Of course, engagement is among life’s most anticipated events, so people prepare for it in advance. This preparation often includes shopping for likely expensive engagement rings or having one custom-set.

Recent research, based on a sample size of a limited number of women, revealed that a woman is more likely to accept a pricey engagement ring from a man regardless of his look. In other words, women are more inclined to accept expensive engagement rings on the basis of the look of the jewelry. In contrast, a man is more inclined to accept one from a good-looking woman. Both revelations are arguable, but they show an insight into the psyche of people.

Perhaps celebrities or rich and famous people are the only class of people who get lucky in both senses and on many counts. They are privileged to get it for a good reason – a name and fame that comes with a ‘paycheck’. Below are the ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings we have seen until now.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey, the music sensation, has by far got the priciest celebrity engagement ring. It weighs 35 carats and is a diamond with an emerald shape. It was Mariah Carey’s fiancé, James Packer, who presented her with this overwhelming piece of jewelry. According to statistics on celebrity rings, this one ranks at the top of the list.

Kim Kardashian

Coming second in it is the Kim Kardashian ring, upgraded from an $8.5 million ring she had received from Kanye West. That ring was stolen from the reality TV personality when she was in Paris. The upgraded twenty-carat diamond engagement ring is engraved with the name “Adidas” in tribute to Kanye’s deal with the brand. The former one was a cushion-cut diamond that weighed 15 carats.

Elizabeth Taylor

Third in line, but perhaps first in terms of long-held popularity is a Krupp diamond owned previously by Liz Taylor. It was presented to her back in 1968 by the late actor Richard Burton. The stone has a VS1 clarity grade, weighs 33 carats, features a D color grade, and an Asscher cut. They all are facets of the piece of jewelry sold by Liz Taylor’s estate in 2011 for $8.8 million.


Beyoncé’s 18 carat engagement ring features an emerald cut diamond. It cost $5 million and comes forth in the list of most expensive engagement rings owned by celebrities. It was the musician cum producer, Jay-Z, who presented her with this stunning ring.

Paris Hilton

Celebrity Engagement Ring
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Where does Paris Hilton rank in the list of the “highest popular celebrities in the United States of America”? If you consider reality TV personalities alone, she might come very high on the list, which will also likely feature Kim Kardashian. It is said that her engagement to fiancé Paris Latsis earned her a 24-carat ring, which cost $4.7 million. It is another celebrity engagement ring auctioned after the couple split to help those suffering in the Hurricane Katrina.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were engaged with a pricey and very rare blue diamond ring, which weighed 8.50 carats. In fact, it topped her 6 carat pink diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. However, Jennifer Lopez is more popular for wearing the pink stone in public. That is not just because the pink stone is among the rarest and most natural diamonds out there. It is also because the way the singer cum actress appeared in public – clad in a pink outfit and wearing the stunning stone, that is.

Grace Kelly

Rainier II of Monaco popped the question with a 10.47-carat diamond ring, which cost $4.06 million. The Prince of Monaco proposed her with this stunning piece, which also features baguette cut stones around its main diamond. It was an ideal match to the Hollywood star’s elegant looks.

Vanessa Bryant

Kobe Bryant proposed to Vanessa with an 8 carat engagement ring, which cost $4 million. The basketball star brought his ladylove an upgrade ring back in 2003.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Aristotle as well as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis celebrated their engagement with a stunning big diamond ring. The diamond was later sold for $2.6 million many years later.

Duchess of Windsor

The Duchess of Windsor, whom King Edward relinquished his throne to get married, got a 19 carat engagement ring emerald from him. It was auctioned for $1.98 million.

Remember that just because a diamond weighs more than another one, it does not always mean that the price of the piece of jewelry that features the former will be higher than the latter. There is bound to be some other characteristics, such as design or setting or the popularity of the stone shape or cut, which elevates the price.