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The Engagement Ring Traditions throughout the World

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Engagement Ring Traditions

The idea of exchanging engagement rings originated from Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed circle to be a symbol of perpetuity. So during the old times, couples in Egypt used to exchange rings made from entwined reeds. Moreover, they used to wear this ring in the fourth finger of the left hand, as they believed it to have the “vena amoris”, which according to them, is a vein that goes straight to the heart.

The engagement ring traditions that we could see now were actually made in the imitation of this Egyptian tradition. In most cultures, a woman receives an engagement ring from a man when he proposes her; however, it is not a customary thing for men to receive an engagement ring from women. However, different cultures have different traditions in this regard as well. Below is the list of engagement ring traditions from different parts of the world.

Western Europe

The countries of Western Europe including France, Germany, England, and Norway wear their engagement band on their right hand rather than on their left hand. The people from Canada and Russia too, follow this unique tradition. Most of these wedding traditions are passed down from generations.


In this country, both men and women get an engagement ring, which is something you would not find in the United States. Another tradition followed by the people of Chile is that they wear their engagement ring on their right hand before marriage and shift it to their left hand after their marriage. This is done so as to show their crossover from engagement to marriage.


Unlike the western countries, where couples exchange a diamond ring for their engagement, the people of France exchange rings made from other gemstones that include rubies, emeralds, and sapphire. Another custom followed by the brides in France is that they would never post the photo of their engagement ring on social media. The couple reveals their secret personally to their family members and friends.


The couples of Kenya are accustomed to exchanging sophisticated beaded jewelry for their engagement as an alternative to engagement rings featuring diamonds or gemstones. For a long time, the beaded decorative items have been the very essence of African cultures. Each of the region, religion, and group plays an important part in the type and color of the adornment. They even consider the climate of the region while choosing the materials for making the jewelry.