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Wedding Ring Styles

When a diamond shopper visits a store to examine choices for diamond engagement rings, they are generally unaware of many of the different setting styles which exist. Many different alternatives need to be considered when picking up a new diamond. This includes a thorough consideration of all the styles. Note that all of the setting styles can be uniquely created. Numerous existing designs are available in different widths, based on the degree of customization needed. Below is a discussion on a few uncommon styles of diamonds available.

Sometimes customers look for a greater or lesser degree of diamonds. Otherwise, people pay attention to clarity and color required for the engagement ring. Read on to find out a few types of diamond settings you can have in wedding rings.

The Flush Setting

This setting is perfect if only a small accent is necessary. This design could be applied over plain wedding rings depending on the budget. You may have one, two, three, or more diamonds as your budget allows. In this setting, the size is restricted to the depth of the diamond. Hence, it is not recommended if you use a lesser-weighing wedding ring. A certain amount of setting depth is required to allow the diamond to be set firmly inside the metal. You may use Princess, Rounds, or fancy shapes under the same style and arrangement.

The Channel Setting

The channel setting is one of the classic designs available. In this, diamonds are arranged along a setting edge of the channel. Every diamond sits end-to-end throughout, depending on whether it is a partial or a full-round design. Diamonds can be set in different slices to accomplish totally individual and attractive outcomes. Under Square-shaped diamonds, for example, the Baguette Cut or the Princess cut appear best where no space is favored between diamonds, as their level edges truly butt up together in a whole strip around the full circumference of the channel. The diamonds can similarly be fused into various ring profiles and widths, with bigger diamonds needing ring profiles with more depth.

The Grain Setting

Usually made with a fine outer layer, the stones are placed inside grains of metal as opposed to between the edges of the channel. Grain set diamond wedding bands are a wonderful option, and work pleasantly, particularly next to claw-set diamond rings.

Consider the above settings if you are looking to create something different for your engagement ring.