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What if She Doesn’t like the Engagement Ring?

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The question that will be haunting every man when they go shopping for engagement rings for women is that, will she love it. Most men will not be used to wearing a ring; hence they will be left confused when they have to purchase a ring for themselves, let alone for their girlfriend. Hence, there is a possibility that your loved one may not like the ring you bought. You might have purchased the most expensive ring, but what is the use if she hates it?

Engagement rings are supposed to be worn for a lifetime, and it is important that your fiancée likes it as she will be the one wearing it. So what will you do if she detests the ring? Following are some guidelines that will help you to act wisely in a situation when your bride-to-be despises the ring that you bought for her.

Don’t Panic

Even if she says that she hates the ring, don’t panic. Do not think that it is the end of your relationship. Even if she detests the ring, she still loves you. Therefore, take the situation calmly and think of it as the first test of your marriage. Hence, do not hesitate to ask her if she wants to be your life partner even if she says that she doesn’t like the ring.

Bide Your Time

Give her some time so that she can truly appreciate the ring. May be she won’t like the ring at first glance, but when she wears it for some time she might like it. Moreover, everyone may like something in their life later that they first despised. Encourage her to give it a chance, but don’t persuade her. After all, she is the one who is wearing it; therefore, the first priority should be given to her likes.

Check The Documents

If the jeweler you bought the ring from gives a free return or exchange policy, then it can help you to avoid a lot of headaches. If she says that she doesn’t like the ring, you can simply take it to your jeweler and exchange it for some other ring that your beloved likes. But make sure that you take the ring back to the jewelry before the limited period for exchanging the ring is over.

What If The Exchange Is Not Possible?

You don’t have to worry if there is no exchange or return policy provided by your jeweler. Ask your fiancée what she specifically doesn’t like about the ring. Is it the design, or the size of the stone or any other features, ask her to detail how she wants it to be changed. You can take this ring to a jeweler to make modifications to it based on her likes and dislikes.