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What You Need to Know about Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Engagement rings with the rose gold band have become the quickest growing trend in the recent past. It is easy to see why. With the vintage appeal and pinkish hue, romantic people are falling for this chic metal. In addition, engagement rose gold is a ring metal color that looks stunning regardless of the wearer’s skin tone.

What is Pink Gold?

This is another name for rose gold. This precious metal is composed of gold mixed with alloys. All gold jewelry sold in the United States of America is combined with alloys. Gold in its purest form is too soft for use in jewelry. So some alloys are mixed in it to make gold more durable than it is.

Copper is combined with gold to produce the pink color. Besides copper, sometimes some amount of silver is used to arrive at the desired hue.

The more copper in it, the more reddish will be the hue of gold. For instance, an 18 Karat pink gold ring could be produced of 25% copper and 75% gold, while a different one could have 2.5% silver and 22.5% copper in addition to 75% gold. The former will look more reddish, but the latter will be pinker in color.

What are the Pros of Gold?

Here are some notable reasons why one may love a rose gold engagement ring.

  • Vintage and Romantic Appeal

Customers choose rose gold band engagement rings because the metal makes for an extremely romantic look. It looks particularly good in vintage ring settings, which only reinforce its classic and romantic look.

  • It is Easy to Maintain

One does not have to get rose gold dipped in anything once in a blue moon (like you would have to do with the white variant of gold). Take care of your rose gold ring on a regular basis, and it will keep the shine. You only need to soak it in a warm water-mild soap mix and dry it with a soft piece of cloth.

  • It is Good for Smaller Budget

With a pink gold band, you will be able to choose a diamond with a lower color grade. Platinum or white gold will make yellow hues more easily noticeable, but the rose variety of gold can lend itself nicely to yellower diamonds. For instance, choosing a “K” color graded diamond will not only save you a lot but it will also be suitable for you if you want your jewelry piece to be warm-toned.