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How to Purchase the Right Diamond Engagement Ring for Your Future Daughter-in-Law

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The day you were waiting for has finally arrived and your son is all set to pop the question to his beloved. This is not possible without an astounding diamond engagement ring. Needless to mention, there are numerous factors that one must think about while purchasing expensive diamond rings such as the diamond quality, ring settings, design, the personality and lifestyle of the wearer, etc. Hence, your son might sometimes find this whole diamond ring hunt process a daunting task and might ask you for help.

Otherwise, your son might be leading a busy schedule and doesn’t have enough time to spare for this extensive process and you want to help out your apple pie. Whatever be the case, are you in charge of picking a resplendent diamond engagement ring for your future daughter-in-law? If yes, you are likely to be so excited and wonder about the design, settings, and carats. However, before being carried out by all such factors, keep the following things in mind to ensure that you are picking the right sparkler for your son’s love and she will cherish it for her lifetime.

Seek suggestions from your son

Sometimes, you may already know your son’s better half. Still, it is always better to seek suggestions from your son while choosing the lifetime sparkler for his future wife since he is likely to know her better. Never assume that your son handed over the responsibility to you completely or he likes to wash off his hands from the whole process.

Sometimes, even your son will not be aware of the likes and dislikes of his significant other. However, he can always check out her Pinterest board or her social media feed to shortlist the right diamond engagement ring options for her. Note that girls usually keep a tab of images of their desired ring designs, celebrity proposal rings, clothes, etc.

For instance, if her Pinterest board or social media feed mostly focuses on retro or vintage style ring designs, it will be better to choose a stunning antique diamond ring that boasts filigree detailing for her. In case she is a fitness freak, you can choose something subtle yet strong and durable for her.

Consider her likes

If your son can not access the Pinterest board or social media feed of his sweetie, think about her clothing preference and jewelry style. In most cases, your son might have access to her closet. So, you can either ask every single associated detail to your son or you can ask him to send you a picture of her wardrobe if he cannot explain all such girl things.

Just go through her jewelry pieces and figure out her favorite metal choice as well as whether she is fond of flashy stuff or the low-key ones. Then, consider her personality; inquire whether she is a bold person or a delicate, soft-hearted, and shy girl. Then, choose a ring accordingly. After all, every factor, in this case, boils down to who she is at the end of the day.

Furthermore, choosing a ring design that clashes her personality might ruin their relationship as well. Note that she might think that her bae doesn’t know anything about her personality and style. Undoubtedly, you will never want this in your wildest dreams. Of course, you may find all these things a bit dramatic at times. However, marriage is a lifelong commitment and hence, even the tiniest of things will matter. For better clarity, just analyze the whole situation stepping into her shoes. This task will be much easier for you since you have been in her situation.

Always have a backup plan

If none of the above-mentioned factors seem enough while choosing expensive diamond rings for your would-be daughter-in-law, just think who knows her better than your son. Of course, the answer is her parents, friends, and relatives. On a related note, it is always better to consider a backup plan. For this, seek help from her close friend, sister, or mom to help you pick up the best diamond engagement rings for your future princess.

In case you do not know your future daughter-in-law’s family or friends yet, this is a great way to bond with each other as well. Without any doubts, they will be more than happy to help you out and you can ask about all the likes and dislikes of your new daughter. In short, this is a win-win situation in every way.

Be careful while choosing the ring size

Usually, people tend to be a bit liberal when it comes to diamond ring sizes since it can be re-sized in the future. However, keep in mind that it will be challenging to re-size or adjust certain diamond ring designs such as the micro-pave setting, tension diamond ring setting, etc. So, it is better to avoid this re-sizing complication by seeking help from your son.

For this, ask him to get any of the rings that she wears regularly so that you can ensure that she is comfortable wearing the ring of that particular size. Otherwise, make any of her friends or relatives do the task. Anyways, this will be much better than the guessing game since the wrong size diamond ring might disappoint her and it will be expensive to re-size the ring.