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Should You Consider a Matte or Brushed Diamond Wedding Ring

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Unlike olden days, people are not that keen to choose expensive diamond rings to mark the important milestones in their life such as engagement, wedding, the birth of their child, etc. Rather, they are looking for something extremely captivating and unique, but at a cheap price. One of the best options, in this case, is a brushed or matte finish diamond rings. In fact, these designs are trending in the diamond ring field these days.

Unlike the mirror-like lustrous appeal offered by traditional expensive wedding rings, a matte-finished diamond ring offers satin diffused sheen. On top of the eye-catching appeal offers by a matte diamond ring, it is relatively less expensive to design such sparklers. The low-key appeal of the matte bands is sure to highlight the beauty of the center diamond and the gemstones on the ring to the fullest as well.

In case you admire hand engraving designs and would like to include it on your matte diamond rings, it is better to apply such engraved patterns on the inner side of the ring. Note that engraving patterns tend to look better in reflective surface than on a matte or satin diffused surface.

You can also make a unique style statement by flaunting beautiful wedding rings that feature the perfect blend of reflective and satin diffused appeal on the band. In such designs, the edges of the bands are usually beveled and are given a mirror-like appeal to contrast its matte body.

When it comes to diamond ring bands with a brushed surface, it is characterized by a wire brushed texture. This design is perfect to contrast the lustrous,expensive wedding rings. Note that a brushed pattern will be perfect to complement the appeal of a matte wedding band. Still, people sometimes tend to confuse the words matte and brushed when it comes to metal finishing. If you are still skeptic about considering these alternative designs for your beautiful diamond rings, it is better to go through its major upsides and downsides.

The understated appeal of matte and brushed diamond rings are perfect to complement the busy lifestyle and profession not modern couples. However, the scratches and marks on these rings will be more prominent because of the even and consistent design or finish on the band. Still, it will even out with time and will become less noticeable. Plus, these rings tend to gain a polished appeal over time.

On the other hand, things work the opposite way when it comes to polished diamond rings. Here, the marks and scratches will be less noticeable at first and will become prominent over time. Similarly, the polished appeal tends to fade as time passed giving it a slightly matte finish. On a related note, both rings can be re-polished its former finish at relatively small cost whenever you prefer.