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Six Top 4-Carat Diamond Ring Designs

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Buying diamonds for your wedding can be a costly affair and can be still more costly to get something as luxurious as a 4-carat ring. Expensive wedding rings are also a kind of investment. Henceforth you have to be extra conscious while buying the 4-carat miracle even with the patterns of rings you are opting for. Listed here are some beautiful examples of such rings that are really worth buying.

Shoulder Set Double Halo Ring

When the luxurious 4-carat diamonds at the center is circumvented by a double halo, they are going to look even bigger and richer with numerous petite diamonds. The shoulder set diamonds will inevitably be shining more with enormous reflections.

Halo Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Quite differently, a 4-carat marquise cut diamond is set as the center stone in this magnificent diamond ring. Further, an extra sparkle is added with the halo around them. Truly, a statement is made by the charming ring with its intricate patterns. The ring can be a perfect choice for an engagement ring that will be a standout.

Twisted Four Clawed Engagement Ring

Rather than setting your central diamond ring in a straight line, you may go for the twisted patterns that are going to give a romantic visual appeal. The four claws of the ring will be safely protecting the round cut 4-carat diamond at the center.

Round Six Clawed Diamond Ring

The 4 carats round solitaire ring can almost measure 10.15 mm, making them look a lavish piece of jewelry. The large diamond is made more secure by the six claws around the central diamond. Altogether this round cut solitaire ring will turn to be a high-quality engagement ring, as the round stone is already a that costly lot to choose for.

Double Shouldered Emerald Cut Ring

A double band is set around the central emerald ring very elegantly in this ring beside the diamond halo surrounding them. Large diamonds will be looking their best in the intricate diamond cuts like that of the emerald that is both modern and classy.

Round Diamond Rub-Over Setting Engagement Ring

A flower-like visual appeal is provided to this diamond engagement ring, especially when they are set with two different metals. The round 4-carat diamond is placed inside a cone-like setting, which makes them look way more adorable yet striking.

These are best among the most attractive engagement rings that can be bought with the criteria of adorning a luxurious 4-carat diamond stone. Explore more of such grandeur rings as they set more scope for experimenting.