Square Engagement Rings

Things To Know About Square Shaped Diamonds

Square Engagement Rings
Square Engagement Rings

An exact square diamond does not exist. There are several square-shaped diamonds available in the market. When you search for square engagement rings, you will find square-squares, octagonal squares, round squares, and rectangular squares – enough to make you doubt your grasp of the word “square.” In addition, none of these diamonds that are square-shaped are called “Square Cut Diamonds.” That is far too simple.

Among all the diamonds sold around the world, 75 % of them are round brilliant cut diamonds. This implies that choosing a square-shaped diamond will immediately set you apart. Furthermore, while there is only one form of round brilliant diamond, there are at least 3 types of square-shaped diamonds – 5 if you count diamond cuts with square potential. And, despite appearances, each of those 5 square-shaped diamonds has a distinct look, feel, and personality. It’s exciting to select a diamond shape that complements your or your loved one’s personality.

Let’s take a look at the different square shaped diamonds.

Asscher Cut Diamond

Check out the Asscher if you want something a touch more ‘avant-garde.’ To begin with, it is the only diamond shape that has a designer label. The excellent thing is that the design is no longer patented, which means you won’t be paying a premium. Step-cut detailing offers a vintage, geometric design with Asscher cut diamonds. The stone’s corners are beautifully carved, giving it an almost octagonal appearance. This is a diamond that will undoubtedly attract attention.

Princess Cut Diamond

Since it’s the only one with actual corners, the Princess Cut is possibly the only genuine square shapes diamond of the bunch. Due to the Brilliant cut, this shape is crisp and frigid, but it sparkles just as brightly as a round cut. It’s the ideal choice for someone who wants a modern look with a lot of glitter.

Cushion Cut Diamond

A hard square shape is transformed into a lovely, comfortable cushion with the Cushion cut. It has a unique ‘soft’ look that no other diamond cuts can replicate, thanks to softened corners and gently curved sides. It almost feels inappropriate to call it square. The Cushion cut exudes romance and loveliness in every detail, which is why it is still popular several decades after it first appeared.

Although Princess cut, Asscher cut, and Cushion cut diamonds are the only ‘true’ square-shaped diamond, Emerald and Radiant cut are also somewhat square-shaped. These shapes are perfect for different engagement ring styles.