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What Are Princess Cut Engagement Rings?

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For the past few years, princess cut engagement rings have become very popular among people. Princes cut was first introduced in the early 1960s and it was not until the late 1970s that the cut was named as we know it. Many jewelers say that they are the best engagement rings for women.

The ring has a 4-sided pyramidal shape with around 57 to 76 facets. On the top view, the diamond has a square or slightly rectangular shape. Among all the other square-shaped diamonds, the princess cut is the most brilliant because of its exceptional light distribution.

Benefits Of Princess Cut Engagement Ring

One of the main benefits of the princess cut is that they are very cheap when compared to the round cut, even though it can be compared with princess cut in terms of beauty and brilliance. The low cost of the princess cut is mainly because of the cutting process. Rough diamonds are usually cut in a cubic shape, which means it is possible to make two princess cut diamonds out of the rough stone. It will result in a lot less wastage.

Due to the peculiarity of the cut, the princess cut appears much bigger than a round cut diamond of the same carat weight. This is mainly because of the larger diameter of the square shape when measured from corner to corner. The diameter of the square cut is about 15% more than that of a round cut. If the quality of the cut is not good, the princess cut won’t appear bigger than the square cut.

The princess cut is very good at hiding flaws because of its shape and many facets. The light dispersion throughout the diamond is also excellent in hiding flaws. Due to this, you will still have a perfect-looking diamond even if you make a small compromise in terms of color and clarity.

Best Setting For Princess Cut

The princess cut works well will almost all types of diamond settings. With a solitaire setting, the princess cut has an elegant, classy look. It looks amazing with the accent diamonds. However, the accents diamonds should have the same grade as the main diamond.

Many jewelers also suggest a 4-prong setting for princess cut diamond because of its sharp edges. The prong setting will hold the diamond in place and protect the edges of the diamond. Bezel and halo settings are also a good choice for protecting the edges of the princess cut diamonds because they surround the whole diamond.