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How To Clean Colored Diamonds?

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Diamonds are considered the hardest material on the earth and they are among the precious stones that are highly expensive because of their natural brilliance and beauty. These stones are highly valued in the jewelry world for their sparkle and allure. You can find a wide range of jewelry made from diamonds including engagement rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc.

When you visit a jewelry store for getting diamonds, you might often come across colorless diamonds that are well-known for their brilliant shine and soft look. But diamonds also come in a variety of colors including red, orange, white, purple, blue, brown, yellow, etc. These stones can be a great option for people looking for distinct engagement ring styles. The colors present in diamonds are a result of the inclusions present in them. The intensity of colors can vary greatly in diamonds and the value of these stones can increase along with the intensity of their colors.

Some colored diamonds will be naturally colored, whereas, some other stones will have their colors enhanced through different treatments. These treatments are used for enhancing the intensity of the color of the diamond thereby increasing its value. Heat treatments are often used for improving the color of diamonds.

Caring for colored diamonds can be slightly different from maintaining your colorless diamonds. Therefore, we list some of the important factors that you should consider when cleaning your colored diamonds.

How To Clean Your Colored Diamonds?

Most colored diamonds available today are heat-treated, as natural colored diamonds are extremely rare and highly expensive. So when getting colored diamonds, you have to ask for their certificates to find out whether you are getting a natural one or a treated diamond. This can help to avoid spending a huge amount on a treated diamond. It is also important for cleaning and maintaining your diamond.

Enhancing the color of diamonds can affect some of their properties. Therefore, you have to know certain important facts when cleaning your colored diamonds.

Avoid Heat: As most colored diamonds are heat-treated, they can be very sensitive to heat. So subjecting these stones to high temperatures might alter their color. This can cause your diamonds to lose their brilliant hue and become dull. Therefore, it is better to avoid heat when cleaning colored diamonds.

Avoid Ultrasonic Cleaners: These cleaners use hot liquids along with ultrasound to clean jewelry. This can also be harmful to your colored diamonds.

Use hot water and mild dish wash liquids with no detergent to clean your colored diamonds. Use a soft brush to rub the stone to clean dirt and oil. This can help to retrieve the stunning look of your diamonds without affecting their color.