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Why Choose an Oval Cut Diamonds Instead of Round Cut Diamonds

Round Cut Diamonds
Oval Cut Diamonds

Round diamonds carry a sparkle and elegance that no other shape and design can claim. There is no wonder they are among the most popular cut of all diamonds. However, as you go around looking for your favorite round diamond, you might find them not to be that budget-friendly. Due to the added technical details, they come at a higher cost than what many consider reasonable. If you think so as well, you can consider the other promising option – oval diamonds. Below are a few reasons why you should consider buying an oval cut diamond instead of the traditional round cut stone.

The Brilliance of the Diamond

Oval cut diamonds fall under the category “brilliant cut”. Thus, they bring the same amount of sparkle and brilliance as a round diamond does. In other words, they are not below the standards of round cut diamonds by any means, even though they do not enjoy the same fame in the market.

Different Shapes and Sizes

A round cut diamond has a characteristic circular shape. The varieties of round diamonds show variation only in their diameters. On the other hand, oval cut diamonds can come in different varieties, thereby bringing a uniqueness to the diamonds jewelry piece. For instance, there are slender ovals, long, wider ovals, or fuller ovals.

More Value for your Money

Oval diamonds appear larger per carat than round diamonds. Still, they cost same or even lesser than the round cut varieties. This is because of the amount of rough diamond wasted while the diamond setting is being molded. Apparently, because they appear larger than their original carat weight, they add more value to the money you spend.

Oval Diamonds are Rarer

Although oval cut diamonds may not ring as a rare diamond, the fact is that they are not readily available in the gems and jewelry market because of their low demand. So, you can easily go for an oval diamond if you are looking for a unique design.

Larger Appearance

One of the key features of oval diamonds is the larger looks they flaunt in respect to their carat weight. To be precise, their surface area is about 10% higher than the round cut diamonds. Besides, since they cover more area on the finger, even a small oval stone appears more graceful. Simply put, you can buy a bigger rock for a lesser price if you go for oval cut diamonds.