Benefits Of Wearing Quartz Jewelry

Quartz is a crystal that is now commonly used in jewelry. This crystal is available in different colors including pink rose quartz, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, smoky quartz, etc. You can get a wide variety of jewelry made from different types of quartz crystals. (Check out this beautiful smoky quartz pendant sold by The Crystal Boutique.)

Quartz is found to have different beneficial properties that can help humans to heal physically and mentally. The following are some of the healing properties associated with quartz you need to know:

Healing Properties Of Quartz

Quartz is shown to be effective in healing people mentally. It might increase your energy and may help with bringing balance to your life. Additionally, this beautiful crystal can also help to improve the balance between your mind and body along with promoting your body’s physical functioning. Quartz is also believed to bring out the creative aspects of your mind.

This crystal might help with bringing back the balance of your life after you experience a traumatic or life-changing situation. This stone can also aid to improve your life from past experiences.

It is also suggested that quartz can help to filter out unwanted and negative energies from your life. This crystal can also reduce stress, promote positive thinking, and help with emotional healing.

Physical Healing Properties

Quartz is also believed to give relief from some physical conditions. This crystal is found to promote the working of your immune system and improve metabolism and memory. It can balance the energy flow and help with the functioning of different organs like kidneys. Other healing properties of quartz include its ability to control headaches, physical pain, etc.

Varieties Of Quartz Crystals

You can find a wide variety of quartz crystals in jewelry. Some of them are listed below:

Amethyst: This is a popular variety of quartz that comes in purple color. It is often used in jewelry making.

Agate: This variety comes with different bands that line the insides of the stone with different colors.

Smoky Quartz: A variety that comes in colors ranging from brown to black.

Ametrine: This particular variety of quartz is very rare and it comes with purple and yellow highlights.

Milky Quartz: It is commonly white and can be translucent to opaque in color. It is not common jewelry.

Rose Quartz: This is the pink variety of quartz that is often used for making jewelry.

You can get various types of quartz jewelry based on your preference.