How To Build Backlinks For Law Firm SEO?

If you aim to take your law firm website to the first page of search engine results you can hardly do it without the help of backlinks in SEO. Backlinks are created when another website links to your website making the linking synonymous with a mention of your company. As more websites link to your website, you see better search engine results.

Backlink Ideas That You Have To Try At The Earliest

Here are some of the backlink ideas that you have to try at the earliest to boost the ranking of your law firm.

Select High Domain Rating Directories To List Your Law Firm

Localized directories that have high reputation are ideal SEO backlinks and help your firm earn better traffic. In addition to influencing your search engine rankings, the listing enables the clients find your firm in these localized directories.

After you have decided to go ahead with listing in local directories, pick some of the relevant directories as the first step. Check the page rank of the directory, number of your colleagues listed in it, relevance of the directory to the legal services you offer etc, before choosing a directory for listing your firm.

Use Guest Posts

Guest post is a great SEO practice and it works by adding your content on another authoritative website and backlinking it to your website. Choosing the website to add in the guest post is a process that requires more discretion from the part of the lawyer because ending up selecting a poorly ranked website or one that lacks reputation produces adverse effects.

Add Backlinks On Social Media

Social media is a huge online platform that has the potential to steer law businesses and their growth by increasing the exposure of your law firm and increasing the website traffic. Building a strong social media presence will help law firms use the power of the share button, and the high reach your firm gets through social media will reflect in  the number of inbound links they get from authoritative sites.

Realize The Power Of Blogging

If you haven’t started a blog for the promotion of your law firm or hasn’t focused on the blog activities for a while, it is time you concentrate on blogging. A consistent blog allows you to create quality content and build a network of links to other pages of your website.

Lawyers have to face stiff competition whatever be the specific areas of law they practice. If you practice personal injury law, realize the power of personal injury lawyer SEO strategies that can decide the reach your firm has among potential clients.