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The Man’s Guide to Purchasing Diamonds for Valentine’s Day

Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful, and Valentine’s Day will raise the stakes. We will offer you some advice regarding what to think about before shopping for a Valentine’s Day engagement ring, where you might go wrong, and how to get a good deal.

Be Aware of Her Taste in Jewelry

Focus on your lover’s preferences regarding the style of jewelry before shopping for one. Which metal band does she sport most often? What style of jewelry does she appear to be liking the most? Or perhaps she loves stacks with many bracelets or delicate necklaces. Consider the jewelry that she wears daily, plus what she wears for special functions or occasions.

Seeing her existing jewelry styles is a good way to measure what she would like to have in a fresh piece. You can also ask her colleagues and friends. If they can keep a secret, then her friends will possibly provide you with insight on the things she has commented on earlier.

Pay Attention to the Gemstone Cut

When you shop for diamonds, know about the four characteristics, clarity, cut, color and carat, which are collectively known as the stone’s 4Cs. You can read up on these features on RockHer website too.

Cut is the main indicator of the amount of shine a diamond exhibits, and it refers to how proportionally made it is. For round diamonds, seek grades that range between “ideal” and “excellent” for the maximum sparkle. Otherwise, “better” or “very good” cuts will work great for your Valentine’s Day engagement ring.

Skimp On Some Aspects to Save Considerably

It is possible to get diamond studs for $400 or so. An easy way to minimize cost is to choose white gold or silver.

If you are planning on saving some more money, think about the next grade down; it is unlikely that anybody can see the flaws in that diamond. Many celebrities tend not to realize differences amid a color clarity or color grades, and this difference is barely noticeable.

You can look for an embellished style like halo setting, which makes the centerpiece gemstones and others look bigger than these might be. In this case, you need not put just as much focus on the four characteristics of a diamond, namely cut, clarity, carat weight and color. These are not just visible if the item you purchase is a bracelet, necklace or earrings.

Shop Around

When you do not live together with your lover, never settle on what you come across first. Enter independent and specialty chain stores, plus search online retailers’ website for deals, pricing ranges and Valentine’s Day sale offers.