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Why Are Small Engagement Rings A Better Option?

Even though most women these days prefer big engagement rings, there are several people who prefer to have tiny engagement rings. Women are supposed to have more important things to worry about than the size of their diamond engagement rings in this modern day and age, and many astute ladies have realized that bigger isn’t […]

Best Places To Hide Your Engagement Rings Before Proposing

You found your beautiful engagement ring after hard work of several days or weeks. The next thing you have to do before you find the occasion to propose is hiding the engagement ring. You do not want your partner to find the ring before you plan to propose, it will spoil the mood. Therefore, you […]

Pros And Cons Of Different Ring Settings

When shopping for engagement rings, you can get overwhelmed by the large number of options available for you. You can get numerous choices when it comes to the shape of diamonds, ring settings, the color of the metal and engagement ring styles. Therefore, you have to find a ring which suits you the best. When […]