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Comparison Between White Topaz And Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings

Diamonds are extremely popular and are used in engagement rings for generations. Due to their popularity and limited supply, diamonds have very high prices. Due to the high cost of diamonds many look for other gemstones which are suitable for their engagement rings. If you are adamant about buying a diamond and you have a budget limitation, you can go for lab-grown diamonds.

In this article, we are comparing the features of diamonds and white topaz stones. Read below to know more about topaz stones.

About Topaz Stone,

Topaz is a naturally occurring stone. It is a silicate mineral that contains both aluminum and fluorine. Topaz stones of different colors are available which include saturation of purple, pink, red, orange, etc. Topaz is a pleochroic stone which means that it shows different colors in different crystal directions. Most of the topaz stones are colorless and have a high number of inclusions when found at the mine. Various treatments are provided to make it clear from inclusions and provide it with color.

Comparing Their Hardness,

A diamond has a hardness order of 10 on a Mohs scale and diamond is the hardest substance found in nature. Topaz is a hard stone, but inferior when compared to a diamond. Topaz has a hardness order of 8 on the Mohs scale. Mohs scale is relative so you may think that order 8 and order 10 on the Mohs scale don’t have much difference in hardness. For your understanding, a diamond is 6 times harder than a topaz stone.

A topaz stone can get scratched more easily than a diamond. With time, the facets of a topaz stone wear down and scratches will become evident. Moreover, the topaz will look dull and milky and you cannot restore its beauty by cleaning.

As you all know, diamonds don’t scratch and are very durable. They will retain their brilliance and fire for a very long time. Engagement rings are rings that we intend to use for the rest of our lives. So you may want a ring that lasts for a long time without losing its beauty. For this purpose, topaz may not be a good choice.

Comparing Their Sparkle,

Topaz stones may look great under the brilliant jewelry lighting. But wear and tear affect topaz stones when you use them for a longer period. They will lose their brilliance and becomes cloudy. The only advantage of a topaz stone is that they are very cheaper than a diamond. But keep in mind that diamonds are forever but topaz stones are not.