Engagement Rings

What Makes a Two Tone Gold Diamond Ring More Sparkly

In a two tone diamond ring style, two precious metals with distinct color tones are blended together to form an amazing engagement ring design. They can be a combination of white and yellow gold, or even yellow gold and platinum. This camouflages the metal claws of the setting, thus preventing yellow gold ring band from reflecting on the diamond.

A two tone gold diamond ring can be found in a plethora of designs, including vintage-inspired to contemporary. The popular combination of yellow and white gold uses the white metal on the diamond ring setting and yellow metal on the ring’s shank. This ensures that the yellow color of gold does not reflect on the precious white diamond or affect the stone’s color.

A contemporary two tone gold diamond ring trend has also surfaced in the gems and jewelry segment these days, one that has affected the design of engagement rings as well as other jewelry pieces. Think of a two tone diamond ring where white gold is the more dominant and yellow gold embellishment is used on its shank. You can also find classic two tone rings with a combination of rose and green gold, although that is more niche when compared to white/yellow gold two tone diamond rings.