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Best Wedding Rings

The trend of using a ring with a stunning diamond as the wedding ring has been existing in the world from the 15th century. In the past, most people preferred using a clear diamond or a colorless diamond in their wedding rings and the engagement rings but now everything has changed. Presently, some of the best wedding rings that are available in the market have more colored diamonds than colorless diamonds. Among those diamond rings, the blue wedding ring or the wedding ring with the blue diamond is becoming more popular among the new couples.

Significance and Meaning

The blue diamond got its popularity from the famous diamond necklace from the movie Titanic. Even though the inspiration came from a movie, people started using the same not only because of such an inspiration but also because of the significance of the same. Each and every diamond and diamond ring around the world has its own meaning and significance. The blue diamond symbolizes the faith and trust in a relationship. It is also believed that the blue diamond will eradicate all the misunderstandings from the life of those couples bound with the same. Proposing with a blue diamond also symbolizes the value and trust that a person has over such a relationship.

The Origin

The blue diamond is one of the rarest diamonds, and it is found only in a few places around the world. Most of the blue diamonds that are available in the market are excavated from the Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine of Australia and also from the Cullinan mine of South Africa.

The Quality

The blue color in these extremely rare diamonds is due to the presence of the boron particles present in them. The light shaded blue diamonds also have a small presence of grey color within those diamonds. Due to the presence of the blue tint, it does not have the same level of clarity as compared to colorless diamonds. Even though it has its own differences, the blue diamonds are also graded in the same way as that of grading a normal diamond.

Since blue diamonds are just another variant of the normal diamonds, it is so expensive compared to other gemstones. The cost of these diamond varies depending on the intensity of the blue shade in such diamond, i.e. those stones with darker shade will be much expensive than those with a lighter color. Whatever be the case, it is one of the most trending stones used in making some of the best wedding rings around the world.