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What Decides Wedding Ring Price?

Wedding Ring Price
Wedding Ring Price

Weddings are the culmination to all the laughter, experiences, happy and sad moments of many beautiful romantic relationships and the beginning to a new phase of life. It’s a day of joyful memories to be cherished for a lifetime and a wedding ring is the totem of that event. So, it is important to make the right choices regarding it because wedding ring price is an important part of the budget. So, how do you decide upon the price of a wedding ring?

Wedding Ring Price For Your Budget

The ideal wedding ring should not only be a perfect fit on the finger, but should be within the amount that you wanted to spend. The price depends on what you need i.e. design, the metal, the stones used etc. Hence, it varies widely based on your specific requirements and usually the bride’s rings are priced significantly higher than the grooms, but this is not always the case. Listed below are the factors that determine the price of wedding rings.

The Precious Metal Used

The ring material has a huge impact on wedding ring price, it determines the type of designs and engravings that can be done upon it. For example, some designs like openwork or filigrees work, hollow construction bands reduce the amount of precious metal used while not reducing the volume of the ring. When it comes to the ring material white gold is a popular option, but rose or yellow gold and platinum are other choices as well.

Wedding Ring Styles

The wedding band style is another important factor that affects the price and many of the customisation choices fall under it. Over the years the ring designs have undergone a significant evolution because they are symbols of love and loyalty. Some bridegrooms opt for simple designs that are significantly cheaper than more elaborate custom designs. There is also the option for stacking design that lets you add additional bands over years to signify milestones like birth of children, achievements, anniversary etc.

The Stone Used

The type stones used can drive up or down the wedding ring price, so bridegrooms go for natural stones like diamonds or other semi precious stones, whereas others opt for rings without precious stones. Besides, nowadays jewelers offer financing options for wedding rings and other precious jewelry. Having said that, not all the diamonds are very expensive and they don’t compromise the elegance of the ring.

So, the wedding ring price should not impact the quality of the wedding event as it can be brought within budget allocation according to your choices.