Pros And Cons Of Buying Engagement Rings Online Vs In Store

Are you planning on proposing your loved one? Then you need to buy a beautiful engagement ring first. If you are looking to surprise her, then you need to be little sneaky in buying the engagement ring. You should not give her any chance to figure out what’s coming. The process starts with finding the […]

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What Should I Look For When Buying Expensive Engagement Rings?

If you have started shopping for engagement rings for you and your partner, then you will know how expensive diamond engagement rings can be. As it is meant to be an investment for life, you should take care to choose the best one for your big day. Below are some of the most important things […]

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Expensive Engagement Rings of Celebrities

Many celebrities are larger than life, and some are understated. This explains why there are so many small celebrity diamond engagement rings amid the big ones. When the richest, most famous people in the world decide to marry, they mark this occasion with rings that befit their status in society. This is evident in this […]

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Best Engagement Rings

Avoid These Mistakes When You Buy An Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful moments in most people’s life. To make that moment wonderful, you may need a beautiful engagement ring. Most people spend a lot of money to buy beautiful engagement rings to mark that wonderful moment. However, when you buy engagement rings for the first time, it is possible […]

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Celebrity Engagement Rings

5 Most Unique Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings encapsulate the beautiful relationship of couples; because of this, they hold sentimental value to the wearer. Also, many brides want their ring to be unique. This requires putting special attention when designing this piece of jewelry. Besides, some of the celebrity engagement rings are special because rare or unusual gemstone combinations are used […]

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Engagement Ring Style

Head Styles For Engagement Rings

Choosing the right engagement ring style is as crucial as choosing the right center stone. The ring style can define the full look of the engagement ring and should go with the personality of the wearer. Different styles can be made with center stones and you need to take into account things like budget, look […]

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Benefits Of Wearing Quartz Jewelry

Quartz is a crystal that is now commonly used in jewelry. This crystal is available in different colors including pink rose quartz, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, smoky quartz, etc. You can get a wide variety of jewelry made from different types of quartz crystals. (Check out this beautiful smoky quartz pendant sold by The Crystal […]

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Simple Engagement Rings

What To Consider When Buying An Engagement Ring Made Of Sterling Silver

Couples who seek affordable yet beautiful engagement rings tend to pick sterling silver as their jewelry metal. The silver rings that people usually talk about are made of sterling silver. Here, we will discuss what to think about when shopping for these simple engagement rings, plus other pieces of information regarding sterling silver. What Form […]

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Beautiful Wedding Rings

Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Ring

Most people think that their headaches are over once they find the perfect engagement ring for their partner. But only a few of them know that picking a beautiful wedding ring is also a difficult job. If you have shopped for an engagement ring, you might know how much preparation is needed to select perfect […]

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Expensive Diamond Rings

An Overview About Expensive Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are one of the most sought-after jewelry pieces due to their sparkle and beauty. Nowadays, they are available at different price points due to the availability of a wide variety of choices. This is especially true when you are buying them online, as online jewelry stores offer a huge catalog. In most cases, […]

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Diamond Engagement Rings

What Is The Average Cost Of An Engagement Ring Now?

Although the coronavirus pandemic has been rough, as per the data from 2020, the pandemic has not stopped couples from buying a sparkler. Let us have a glance at the engagement ring spending habits of couples in 2020. The data from 2020 shows two things. Of course, the first thing is that engagement rings of […]

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Engagement Rings

How To Take Care Of Your Expensive Engagement Rings

For all women who are not used to wearing fine jewelry regularly, wearing an expensive diamond can seem like babysitting an infant. When looking down at the sparkling diamond ring on your ring finger, you will have many questions in your mind about taking care of the engagement ring. Should I remove the ring when […]

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Most Expensive Diamond

Why Should You Learn About The Cut Quality Of Diamonds?

The price of diamonds is determined by the 4C’s that determine its quality, i.e. carat, cut, color, and clarity. Among these, the cut quality significantly impacts the cost of loose diamonds as it affects the visual appeal of the stone. So, it is important to have a good understanding of this when buying diamond engagement […]

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