About Us

Diamonds are primarily made of carbon, which is a commonly found element on the planet. Aside from being beautiful, they are also exceptionally hard; so much so, in fact, that they from the upper limit to the widely accepted hardness scale for solid substances. This makes them unique as gems, because they are highly resistant to scratches and other forms of direct damage. This hold so far that in order to cut a diamond or even polish it, you need another diamond specially crafted to fulfill that purpose.

The act of buying a diamond for someone you love says a lot, but it can also take a lot out of you. Such a purchase would mostly be based on emotion, but nothing says you cannot make a smart purchase while you are at it. Add to this the fact of high expense, and you would certainly want your money’s worth. We can help make sure you get exactly that, by educating you on the various aspects surrounding both gems in general and diamonds specifically. A diamond is likely to be among the most important things you buy in this lifetime; we can help you make sure that nothing muddles it up for you.

People tend to prefer larger diamonds, but a lot of buyers find themselves saddled with stones that possess mediocre clarity and cut, simply because they were not paying attention. A big stone is not a bad thing, but size itself is not what determines how well and truly a diamond shines under normal light. Statistically, larger diamonds tend to carry more inclusions, which in turn are usually more obvious in such stones. That could look unappealing in a lot of light settings.

What matters more is the cut; if this is well-executed, then the stone can shine more clearly than otherwise. The cut determines how much light enters and subsequently exits the stone. No matter how small a diamond is, its proportions dictate how good and “shiny” it looks. The correct term for this kind of sparkle is “brilliance”.

There is a ton here that you could benefit from learning, and just as much that we are eager to share. Knowing certain things beforehand can not only save you from a bad purchase, but also help single out exceptional stones when you see them.