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Why A Freemason Diamond Ring Is So Special And Exciting?

Freemasonry is steeped in symbolism, utilizing intricate symbols and allegories to convey moral and ethical teachings. The Freemason diamond ring serves as a visual representation of these profound symbols. The iconic square and compass, the letter G, and other emblematic elements are often incorporated into the design of the ring. Each symbol carries deep meaning […]

The Magic Behind The Popularity Of French Cut Diamond Ring

French cut diamond rings have captivated jewelry enthusiasts with their timeless elegance and distinctive charm. The unique beauty of the French cut diamond has contributed to its rising popularity among those seeking a ring that exudes sophistication and classic allure. Let’s explore the magic behind the popularity of the French cut diamond ring and the […]

Things To Know About Square Shaped Diamonds

An exact square diamond does not exist. There are several square-shaped diamonds available in the market. When you search for square engagement rings, you will find square-squares, octagonal squares, round squares, and rectangular squares – enough to make you doubt your grasp of the word “square.” In addition, none of these diamonds that are square-shaped are called “Square Cut Diamonds.” […]

How To Save Money On Engagement Rings?

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions that you make in your life. We all know that engagement rings for women are very expensive and most of us have to save a lot of money over months to get the required amount to buy the best engagement ring. In this article, […]

5 Most Unique Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement rings encapsulate the beautiful relationship of couples; because of this, they hold sentimental value to the wearer. Also, many brides want their ring to be unique. This requires putting special attention when designing this piece of jewelry. Besides, some of the celebrity engagement rings are special because rare or unusual gemstone combinations are used […]

Head Styles For Engagement Rings

Choosing the right engagement ring style is as crucial as choosing the right center stone. The ring style can define the full look of the engagement ring and should go with the personality of the wearer. Different styles can be made with center stones and you need to take into account things like budget, look […]

How To Take Care Of Your Expensive Engagement Rings

For all women who are not used to wearing fine jewelry regularly, wearing an expensive diamond can seem like babysitting an infant. When looking down at the sparkling diamond ring on your ring finger, you will have many questions in your mind about taking care of the engagement ring. Should I remove the ring when […]

Why Should You Learn About The Cut Quality Of Diamonds?

The price of diamonds is determined by the 4C’s that determine its quality, i.e. carat, cut, color, and clarity. Among these, the cut quality significantly impacts the cost of loose diamonds as it affects the visual appeal of the stone. So, it is important to have a good understanding of this when buying diamond engagement […]

How Do De Beers Control The Prices Of Diamonds?

The most important factor that determines the selection of diamond engagement rings is its cost. In other words, you can also call it the 5th C because high-quality diamonds are costly. It is common to find diamonds having the same grade sold at different prices. The purpose of this article is to find out how the […]