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Comparison Between White Topaz And Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds are extremely popular and are used in engagement rings for generations. Due to their popularity and limited supply, diamonds have very high prices. Due to the high cost of diamonds many look for other gemstones which are suitable for their engagement rings. If you are adamant about buying a diamond and you have a […]

Tips To Save Money On Engagement Rings Without Compromising On The Quality

It is no secret that buying an engagement ring is a really expensive matter and most people have to save a lot of money to buy the most beautiful engagement ring for their loved one. It is possible to save money when buying an engagement ring without having to compromise on the cut, clarity, color, […]

What Makes a Two Tone Gold Diamond Ring More Sparkly

In a two tone diamond ring style, two precious metals with distinct color tones are blended together to form an amazing engagement ring design. They can be a combination of white and yellow gold, or even yellow gold and platinum. This camouflages the metal claws of the setting, thus preventing yellow gold ring band from […]