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A Helpful Guide to Different Diamond Shapes

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Diamond Shape Guide

Most people would be aware of the 4C’s of diamond, which comprise the characteristics of cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. These attributes are really important, but there is one just as vital which has failed to make the list – the shape of the stone. This one thing is capable of either augmenting or ruining the appeal of just about any seemingly elegant engagement rings you could lay eyes on. If you are wondering what shape can best complement your lifestyle and personality, check out the below look at the more popular ones.

Round Diamond Shape

This is the most popular diamond shape so far, and is known widely for its timeless and elegant appeal. The round diamond shape was actually crafted to maximize brilliance, fire, and scintillation in gemstones. This is the most conventional diamond shape, and it goes fine with almost every finger type there is in the world. You can bump up the appeal by altering the length-to-width ratio, as well as the carat weight. When shopping for round diamonds, the main thing you must consider is symmetry, and after that, the cut quality. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most commonly sought ones on the market, mainly because of their unrivalled sparkle.

Rectangular Diamond Shape

People that prefer vintage and sophisticated diamond ring designs should consider going in for a more rectangular diamond shape. The elongated profile of a rectangle engagement ring is perfect when trying to visually flatter wide and short fingers. The emerald cut diamond is just about the most popular option under this, with its main appeal rooted in the elegance of the step-cut style, the rectangular silhouette, and the tapered corners. Because of fewer facets and a step cut pattern, emerald diamonds do not exhibit much brilliance. What you do get are alluring flashes of light or “fire”. The larger surface area of the top facet imparts the stone with basic beauty. Under rectangular shapes, you also have the radiant and cushion diamond cuts.

Square Diamond Shape

Unlike the former options, square diamond rings would best suit people with elongated fingers. The unique square silhouette of diamonds can make your fingers look shorter. Brides who choose this also get to steer away from conventional diamond shapes and still get something beautiful to wear. Two popular cuts which fall under the square diamond shape, are Asscher and princess. The main thing that you must consider while choosing either, is symmetry. All four main sides must be of equal length.