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Celebrities Who Wore Platinum Jewelry and Diamonds at the Golden Globes

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At the 2019 Golden Globes, most celebrities turned up wearing platinum jewelry set with diamonds and colored gems. Of course, platinum enhances the brilliance of all precious stones and provides just the ideal finishing touch to numerous gowns worn by the glamorous celebrities. As expected, the 75th Golden Globes event featured some of the big diamond rings and jewelry sets seen by the industry. The showstopper pieces were a sign that platinum is here to stay for all types of engagement ring styles and other jewelry.

Lady Gaga

The “A Star is Born” actor wore diamond weighing more than a hundred carats to the 2019 Golden Globes. Her jewelry pieces set in platinum comprised bracelets with diamonds, necklace with three-hundred diamonds, cluster earrings with diamonds, and more. The actress sported an old Hollywood look, similar to that of Judy Garland who played the role in the earlier version of the film.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell wore jewelry set in platinum and featuring diamonds that weighed around 130 carats. The most notable pieces of the lot were her sunflower ring with small diamonds, V-shape metal band ring with tiny diamonds, and brooch with diamonds. Her brooch featured the most diamonds carat weight.

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan was one of the “Crazy Rich Asians” movie stars who appeared at the event wearing big diamonds. Her ring with cushion cut diamond was the standout piece, which had an overall carat weight of 11.03 carats. She wore another notable piece – an infinity band with diamonds.

Michelle Yeoh

The actress who played Eleanor Young in “Crazy Rich Asians” appeared at the event wearing a ring, similar to the one she had on her finger in the film. She chose to wear the green stone ring to turn up at the event resembling her movie character, and even coupled it with a green outfit. It is her monochromatic look, which caught the eye of most people at the annual gala.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher wore platinum jewelry worth over 5½ million dollars to the Golden Globes. They comprised necklace with diamond drops, cluster diamond rings, and earrings with three-stone diamond drops. Although her gleaming black gown was equally stunning, her platinum jewelry stole the limelight on the red carpet.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh, who became the first person of Asian descent to win a couple of Golden Globe awards, also came to the event with platinum jewelry and diamond set pieces. She was not just the co-host of the event, but also one who turned up with glistening pieces. One of her rings was set with fancy yellow diamond.