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Flaunting one of your big diamond rings on your engagement day can be a dream come true, especially if you are a woman. The most popular choice when it comes to expensive rings is the classic round brilliant cut. However, round diamond rings are highly clichéd these days, and most millennial couples tend to prefer going the unconventional way. Small wonder then, that many of them like flaunting expensive princess cut diamond engagement rings on such occasions.

It bears noting that princess cut diamonds form the second most popular type after round brilliants. In addition, the unique cut patterns of the princess cut have the ability to mask yellow color tints and other flaws to a great extent. If you are planning on wearing big diamond rings with such stones on your engagement day, below are some of the spectacular designs that you should probably consider.

Princess Cut Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

This is one of the most beautiful designs suited to expensive rings. In this setting, a huge princess cut diamond is held securely in place by means of a cathedral setting. Note that the cathedral setting is characterized by arch-like metal bars which hold the diamond in place. In addition, the band of, say, a yellow gold diamond ring, is beautified by channel-setting a princess cut accent diamond on each side.

Two-Tone Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Another luxurious design for princess cut big diamond rings features two-toned metal designs. Here, a princess cut diamond of decent cart weight is held at the center of a platinum band by means of a prong setting. The main highlight of the ring is its thick diamond band, which splits into three as it approaches the main gemstone. In this design, the middle band is accentuated by using yellow gold metal, as well as yellow diamonds.

White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This is the most common design used in princess cut diamond engagement rings. Here, a princess cut diamond of respected carat weight is held securely at the center of a white gold ring by means of a traditional four-prong setting. In addition, the overall sparkle, as well as the bling factor of the ring, enhanced by paving the diamond ring band entirely with tiny diamond accents. The main attraction of this type of expensive rings is the contrasting appeal formed by the neat lines of diamond accents, and the bold and stellar square cut of the center stone.