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Most Uncommon Double Band Engagement Rings

Double Band Engagement Ring
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It was only recently that the whole concept of double band engagement rings has come into the major front. These double banded rings were originated from creating further versions of the splint shank rings. Edgy though feminine, these rings are a total twist to the modern patterns. Besides, offering the scope to try out some creativity with the double band, such a rare set of rings can be chosen for attaining a different fresh visual appeal.

The following are some of the most uncommon double band engagement rings:

Emerald Double Band Engagement with Pave Settings

The pattern of this double band ring also pairs up elegantly with the central emerald cut diamonds. A unique way of sparkle can be acquired from the multiple facets of the emerald cut diamond stones. On such a design, light is caught in a glamorous as well as subtle ways. They are both popular in the present and also in the past.

Twisted Double Band with Marquise

The central marquise stone with twisted bands is yet another interesting type of double band ring styles. The crossed double band ring is very gracefully paired up with the marquise stone that very much balances the overall pattern of the ring. A better shine is attained by the cross over patterns quite effectively. The most suitable metal to mold this ring with could be platinum or white gold.

Double Banded Minimal Gold Engagement Ring

For all those subtle and minimalist loving ladies out there, the double banded minimal gold ring could be the most perfect ring pattern, as they are simultaneously sophisticated and simple. Without being that obtrusive with the stones, there is enough sparkle to shine with its numerous petite stones dotted in the solid gold band. Nevertheless, their muted tastes can be ensured to appeal with the minimal style.

Pear Shaped Double Band Ring with Pave Diamonds

Pave settings are made to bring about maximum shine, besides the fact that they could suit a number of ring patterns. Same is the case with the double band rings, as they enhance the perfection of the ring to its fullest than merely remaining as the gently tapered pear.

Rose Gold Double Banded

Double band ring made of rose gold metal would be one of the most elegant ring designs of this list. All the while, the metal is already known for its feminine nature and timeless beauty. Additionally, when they are molded to the double band with a tension set central diamond, the rings end up being devastatingly beautiful and also balanced.