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Going for an engagement ring shopping will be one of the most exciting events before your engagement. Everyone wants their engagement ring to be perfect. An engagement ring will cost a fortune; therefore, you have to be careful when selecting a ring. It is easy to make mistakes when you shop for an engagement ring which results in loss of money, so make sure to do it right. Following are some shopping tips that might come handy for you to find the perfect and elegant engagement rings.

Select the Shape you Want

First of all, select the shape of the diamond cut you want in your ring. There are different cuts in diamonds like round cut, princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut, marquis cut, pear cut etc. Learn about these shapes and choose a shape which best suits the engagement ring in your imagination. The price of your ring will vary according to the cuts. A round cut will be more costly, whereas, a pear or marquis cut will be less expensive when compared to round cut. The price also increases with increase in carat. Therefore, if you select a shape which is less expensive, you can get more carats for a better price.

Choose a metal for your ring

After you decide on the shape, the next step is to select the right metal for your band. Usually the metals used for an engagement ring will be yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver. Both silver and platinum have almost similar look but they have a significant price difference. Platinum is much costly than silver. Before selecting the metal for your band consider your budget and requirement.

Make an idea about the carat size

Some people prefer a large stone while some others consider the quality of the diamond than its size. The conflict between quality and quantity will be a common issue you face while shopping for an engagement ring. The price of a diamond increases with its carat count. A diamond which has more clarity will also have a high value. So select which type of diamond you want, a bigger diamond or a whiter one.

For some people a diamond with more carat will be more appealing, but for others color and clarity will be important. If you give importance to size, then be flexible on other factors to suit your budget. If you prefer quality to size then be ready to make adjustments in carat count.

Another important tip for you to save money is to select a less common carat size. The diamonds which have desired weights like half and whole carats (.50, 1, 1.5, etc.) will cost more. So select a diamond which is less desirable in size, for instance, a diamond with .92 carat will be less costly than a 1 carat diamond.

Get the right measurement

Get the proper measurement for your ring. Your ring should not be too tight or loose. It should be comfortable to wear the ring. So get measured properly before selecting a ring.

Consider how your engagement ring and wedding band will look together

Selecting a perfect engagement ring is only one half of the equation.  Choosing the wedding band has the same importance. So when you select a ring, think about the style of the wedding band also. You have to select an engagement ring that would go with your wedding band as well. Therefore, screen between different types of engagement rings that would match your wedding band.

Make sure the diamond in your ring is certified

If you want the diamond to be worth the amount you spend, buy a certified diamond. GIA and AGS are the two trustworthy sources for diamond certification. When you buy a diamond ask for a certified diamond for them to have high quality.

Validate that the certificate matches the diamond you buy

Be certain that the diamond you see matches the certificate. Most certified diamonds will be laser inscribed on the girdle and can be inspected with a jeweler’s loupe.

Save your money by being flexible with clarity

A diamond with less clarity will cost lesser than a diamond with higher clarity. But when set on a ring there might not be any difference between them which is visible with the naked eye. So be smart and save your money by selecting a diamond with less clarity or that have some blemishes or inclusions which cannot be spotted with the naked eye.

You are prone to make mistakes while shopping for your engagement ring, unless you’re an expert with diamonds. So conduct a research about different types of engagement rings before you select one. The guidelines described above will help you to find a good engagement ring that fits your imagination. Follow these steps and find the best and elegant engagement rings.