Things to Know if you Do Not Want to Lose your Diamonds

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Diamond Ring Maintenance Tips

Diamond rings are costly, and that is the reason you should be exceptionally cautious when taking care of them. It can be extremely easy to lose your jewel. Below is a discussion on the possibilities of losing a diamond from engagement rings.

How to Avoid Losing Diamonds from your Ring

Most of the time, individuals don’t understand that at least one of the diamonds is absent from their ring. This is normally the situation when there are several little stones set in the mounting. Bezel settings are among the most secure options for diamond jewelry.

Pave-set stones are probably the least demanding to tumble off without being observed. Invisible-set diamonds are likewise in danger as this kind of setting does not hold stones just as prongs do.

Note that even channel settings, which are moderately secure, are not constantly stable. If the channel is harmed, it may not hold the diamonds in place.

Why Do Diamonds Fall Off?

Most often, diamonds drop out of their mountings when individuals hit their rings unexpectedly. A few settings are not as solid as others, and a more grounded knock can bring a diamond off its mounting.

Regardless of whether your setting is intended to be moderately secure, just like when you consider the prong and bezel settings, you are not fully ensured. As time passes, metal wears out, and mounting parts become less sturdy. For instance, if the prongs on your ring are excessively worn, they can twist, relaxing your stone, and it might tumble off next time you hit your ring.

Which Diamonds are at Danger?

How would you realize that your diamond is in danger before something occurs? One measure you can take is to check your stones to see whether any of them are unstable. Touch your diamond directly and push it all around tenderly to check whether it moves. In case there is even a minor movement, you ought to have the stone fixed.

Diamonds set in prongs that are too worn, bowed, or broken are at a high danger of slackening and dropping out. If your setting is made of a gentler metal, for example, gold or silver, you ought to know that its prongs are comparatively easy to curve and harm. As discussed above, diamonds set in pave settings, invisible settings, or settings with trimmed stones are likewise increasingly inclined to tumble off.

Consider the above things if you want to prevent the diamonds from falling out.