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What to Engrave on Your Engagement Rings?

Engagement Rings

Many people choose to customize their engagement rings by adding special engravings to them. This is a wonderful way to add more meaning and elegance to your ring. These engravings will provide you a great way to personalize your ring and to commemorate the special moments that they represent. Creating engravings on your engagement rings and wedding bands are now a great trend, especially with designer rings.

Are you wondering what to engrave on your ring? Then we have some wonderful ideas for you.

Significant dates

This is a popular choice of engravings for engagement and wedding rings. You can add special dates to your ring for remembering them for a lifetime. These dates can include the first day you both met, the day when you fell in love, the day of your first date or any other significant dates in your relationship.

Along with personalizing your engagement rings, these engraving will provide you a great way to remember the special moments of your life in the following years.

Names or Initials

Another common choice of engravings is name and initials. You can include the name of your better half or their initials on your ring. You can also inscribe the nicknames of your partner. Another choice is to combine both of your names or initials together.

Short sentiments

You can also carve sentiments related to your relationship on your ring. It can include short phrases or love quotes that indicate how you feel about your loved one. You can also include some striking words that your beloved said to you on some special occasion or things that you say to your partner frequently. Another option is to add something that represents both of your personalities.

Funny phrases

This is a great way to evoke the funny and happy moments in your relationship. You can carve something funny on the ring so that it indicates the humor and lightheartedness in your relationship. It can be also helpful to make your spouse smile even if they are mad at you.

Bible verses

There are many bible verses that often contain the essence of love and marriage. Therefore, it is a better idea to inscribe a meaningful bible verse on your ring. You can include a verse that you are planning to read at the wedding. If it is not possible to include the whole verse on your ring, engrave only the name of the verse. This will remind the couple about their wedding day always.