Engagement Ring Style

Head Styles For Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Style
Engagement Ring Style

Choosing the right engagement ring style is as crucial as choosing the right center stone. The ring style can define the full look of the engagement ring and should go with the personality of the wearer. Different styles can be made with center stones and you need to take into account things like budget, look and style while selecting an engagement ring.

Head Styles

Ring heads are the top portions of engagement rings. It is this area that holds the center stone in place. There are numerous variants of head styles and remember to pick one that best suits your fiancée. The head style can play an important part in determining the overall look of expensive engagement rings. Some of the most popular ring head styles are:


This type of head holds the diamond center stone in place with 4 or 6 prongs. The head will have openings underneath to allow the passage of light. This will offer more sparkle to the stone and will keep the stone set low. The low setting of the stone will be more comfortable to the wearer. The basket head style is versatile and can be easily paired with any band style and gemstone.


This type of ring head will have archways on both sides of the head and these archways will be left open for light to pass through. The cathedral head offers a lifted look and draws attention to the diamond center stone. A cathedral head can be suitable for a plain shank or a shank that is decorated with diamonds. The cathedral head style is popular for expensive engagement rings.


A trellis head style is similar to the basket head style, however, in this setting, the prong designs will be facing downwards towards the ring shank. This provides an additional design element while allowing light to pass through the diamond center stone to create sparkle. Princess and round cut diamonds in solitaire or classic style look awesome on trellis-style ring head design.


A Halo head has a center stone and accent stones encircling the diameter of the center stone. The accent diamonds will be smaller than the center stone and these stones will add sparkle to expensive diamond rings. In addition, these stones make the center stone appear larger. The halo head style looks beautiful with almost all shapes of center stones making it much popular for engagement rings.