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Tips To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

The trends and designs in engagement rings are constantly changing. Hence, there can be immense changes in your tastes in jewelry. A lot of people wish to upgrade their engagement rings in the later stages to match the latest trends of the jewelry industry. You can simply upgrade your ring by adding a new stone […]

How To Save Money On Engagement Rings?

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions that you make in your life. We all know that engagement rings for women are very expensive and most of us have to save a lot of money over months to get the required amount to buy the best engagement ring. In this article, […]

Avoid These Mistakes When You Buy An Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the most beautiful moments in most people’s life. To make that moment wonderful, you may need a beautiful engagement ring. Most people spend a lot of money to buy beautiful engagement rings to mark that wonderful moment. However, when you buy engagement rings for the first time, it is possible […]

Which Diamond Cut To Choose For Best Sparkle?

When looking for a diamond ring, you can find a wide variety of options that vary in their shape and size. There is a large variety of diamond shapes and cuts for you to choose from for making your ring unique and special. When buying a diamond ring, most people want it to have the […]

The Expensive Nature of Diamonds

In case you have been shopping for diamond alternatives of a wedding ring or an engagement ring, you would definitely wonder why they are not as cheap as their stimulants. Man-made diamonds are highly expensive because they are real diamonds and not stimulants. They may be visually identical but are highly durable. Several factors make […]

Engagement Ring Trends of 2019

With different styles of engagement rings storming the market, certain particular styles become popular for a particular period. In the same manner, there are certain engagement ring styles, which are trending in 2019. Herein are listed some of the top trending engagement ring styles of this year which can be helpful to you in your […]

Factors Determining the Cost of an Engagement Ring

The thought of buying an engagement ring can be very disturbing if you are worried about the budget you have to set apart for it. It is usually considered as a very difficult task to achieve because diamond engagement rings are often very costly. However, the truth is that you can accomplish the task of […]

Common Misconceptions Regarding Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most precious substances in existence. They are commonly used as a symbol of the relationship between partners. Hence they have very high importance in society. As a result, it is common that there are several wrong beliefs common among people. These stories travel quickly and some have been accepted as facts, […]

5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Though the engagement rings are expensive, they are meaningful investments. The engagement ring, in the western culture, says that the person wearing the ring is engaged to a person and they will be married soon. The engagement ring may have a diamond or any other gemstone or even valuable metals like gold and silver.  It […]

The Most Beautiful Blue Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Blue is the most widely used gemstone color in jewelry. You could choose from a large number of blue colored gemstones, which ranges from familiar blue chalcedony to precious blue diamonds. According to a color psychology perspective, blue color represents power, gravity, depth, calmness, knowledge, and stability. This color also stands for trust, faith, truth, […]