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You might have a pet with which you are deeply associated, and you might want it to be a part of your big day. If you are such a person, you can think about having a pet-friendly wedding. In such a wedding, you can take your pet with you, and your guests can bring their pets if they agree with you. You should have proper planning and execution of those plans to have a successful pet-friendly wedding.

Here are some tips, which can help you as you plan to have a pet-friendly wedding.

Make it Clear with the Venue Owners

Be sure to let the venue authorities know your plans for a pet-friendly wedding. Many of the wedding venues are not animal-friendly, and hence you should get it clear with them before you proceed further on the planning. Get it in writing from the responsible ones for the venue that they allow pets to be brought in for the function. The terms must be made available in written form to avoid any possible clashes in the future.

Keep the Guests Well Informed

You must let your guests know in advance that you are planning a pet-friendly wedding function. This is necessary because there might be some guests who are allergic to exposure to pets or animals. In such cases, you should ascertain that there are special seating arrangements made in the venue for such people.

Involve the Photographer

Photography is important in a wedding function. It keeps the memories of the day alive forever. You need to inform the photographer earlier about the pets you are planning to have with you. This will help them to prepare before the function. When the pet is around you, there will be a necessity to take candid photographs since you cannot expect the pet to pose for the camera always. Moreover, the pets should not obstruct the work of the photographers.

See That the Pet is Comfortable with the Situation

Some pets when exposed to big crowds and unfamiliar situations can become violent and lose their composure. It is good to do some trial runs earlier to see that the pet is comfortable and behaving naturally in such an atmosphere.

Have Someone Who Can Handle your Pet

This is very much necessary because you cannot always keep an eye on your pet. You need to arrange a person who is used to animals and pets and can give proper care and attention to your pet when you are busy elsewhere. It is good if the person socializes with the pet before the wedding day.

Keep these tips in mind to have a fabulous pet-friendly wedding.