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Should you Go for an Expensive Engagement Ring Setting?

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What should be the setting of your engagement ring? This is one of the most common questions, which comes to a person’s mind while choosing an engagement ring. Should you go for the expensive setting? Is the expensive setting worth the money? Or should you save on the setting of the stone and spend on the diamond? Read ahead for the answers.

Select a Setting That Allows the Diamond to Sparkle

If you go for a great setting, you will be able to take the sparkle of the diamond to the next level. Therefore, the diamond setting that you choose for your engagement ring should not be a secondary one. Choosing a superior setting will increase the “WOW” factor of the diamond by displaying it to improve the brilliance from all angles.

Select a Durable Setting to Keep the Diamond Secure

The 4 C’s are really important while choosing diamond engagement rings. Selecting a more expensive setting is not just about improving the cut, clarity, and color of the diamond, but also about ensuring that the diamond lasts long. A great setting from a strong metal can support the diamond very well to protect the longevity and value of the engagement ring. Platinum is a good candidate for the engagement ring band, as it is a really strong metal that can protect the diamond very well.

Insure the Ring against Loss, Theft, or Damage

You can choose an engagement ring setting that is designed to make the ring last for a lifetime. However, there are still chances that you loss the ring or damage it accidentally. The parting with your precious symbol of love is really heartbreaking. The financial strain is another big problem that you will need to face. To avoid this, you will need to insure your engagement ring. This can put your mind at ease.

You need to understand that an extraordinary diamond will need a setting that is equally extraordinary to enhance the overall appeal of the engagement ring. Moreover, it is all about first impression, and a quality diamond set in an intricate setting is sure to please your partner when you propose to her. Still, you should consider her personal preferences too before going for a particular diamond ring setting. It is not about the costs anymore – the emotions weigh more here.