Five Reasons to Give your Love a Pink Diamond Ring

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Giving your lady-love a pink diamond ring when you pop the question to her speaks volumes about not just the beauty and rarity of your love, but also its mystery. If you need convincing, then here are some reasons as to why you should go for it.

A Pink Diamond Symbolizes the Color of Universal Love

The pink color has been associated with sweeter emotions. In the Elizabethan Era, the color was thought to symbolize happiness and delight. It is associated with tenderness, innocence, and love. So if you wish to express your true love for her, then give a pink diamond engagement ring as a token.

Similar to true love, a pink diamond is also a rare thing to find these days. Pink diamonds tend to have another color such as purple, brown or orange which modifies its main pink color. Orangy pink, brownish pink, and purplish pink are some color terms the Gemological Institute of America uses to refer to these modifying or modified colors for the pink stones. These sparklers can be quite as striking as a diamond without additional color – but the pink stones without modifying colors are slightly more uncommon.

A Pink Colored Diamond is Extremely Rare

The world may be expansive, but the pink gemstones have been found in just a few places. Historically, southern parts of India were a significant source of these in the 1800’s period. The pink rough diamond has been rarely found in the rivers of Brazil, and mines in Africa and Russia have had sporadic outputs yielding only some carats worth of gem-quality diamonds every now and then.

In the last few decades, Australia’s Argyle mine has been the main source of these gems, but the finds in this region have been rare. As per the company that owns this diamond mine in Australia, raw pink diamonds weighing over 800 million carats have been made from this place. Total carats of the pink rough stones are not more than 1% of the overall production.

The unearthing of a big pink diamond is a significant event, capturing the imagination and attention of gemstone enthusiasts and professionals. Jewelry trade magazines reported the finding of a pink diamond weighing 23.16 carats from Tanzania’s Williamson mine in 2015. The company that owns the Williamson mine subsequently sold the raw stone for $433,938 a carat, or around $10.1 million.

The Pink Color is Slightly Mysterious

Love is a mystery to some degree, and the same goes for the cause of the color of a pink diamond. A blue diamond owes its color to the presence of boron, while a yellow diamond to nitrogen. However, there is no proof that the presence of trace elements is the cause of the pink color.

Scientists theorize that this color is caused by the color centers. These optical properties in a pink diamond can selectively absorb natural light in the area of the color spectrum that is visible. Color centers are the outcome of lattice defects, which are nothing but the imperfections in the normal arrangements of atoms inside a crystal. These imperfections can occasionally cause pink graining inside the diamond crystal. How intense can a pink diamond be? The color intensity of this stone depends on the degree of pink graining in it.

A Diamond with Pink Color is Breathtakingly Stunning

The forces of nature made diamonds millions of years ago deep inside the earth, and then brought the gems to the surface of it through volcanic eruptions. Geological exploration experts look for deposits of rare pink diamonds, and then mining people extract the raw stones in crystal form from the earth. Once gemstone cutters bring out the beauty of diamonds, their journey ultimately culminates in a spectacular jewelry piece.

To see an engagement ring with pink diamond is to look at a wearable artwork. To give it to someone is to make a lasting memory. If you wish to take your lover’s breath away, then you cannot go wrong with a pink diamond ring proposal.

Pink Go With a Variety of Metals

One with a cool skin tone should usually choose platinum, silver, stainless steel, white gold or titanium as his or her engagement ring’s metal band. You can complement any of these metals with gems like pink diamonds, aside from sapphires, alexandrite, amethyst, blue topaz, pearls, moonstone, and aquamarine. Other gemstones will also work, but colors like pink will most likely work best for a person having a cool skin tone.

Of course, there are pink diamonds with many different intensity levels. As with the vast majority of Fancy Color diamonds out there, the more saturated and the richer the color, the pricier the stone. Furthermore, the rarity of natural pink diamonds makes engagement rings with these stones a pricey option.